Sunday, September 25, 2022

Abortion….. Sometimes I open my mouth and insert foot.

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 Many lives are like this:

For today (As always, this is MY OPINION!):

(Cowboy book)  A group of outlaws face the Sheriff. Outlaw leader, “WE are ten to your one, you can’t get us all Lawdog.” The brave Sheriff stands his ground, ”You are right Dustup, but you can bet I will get YOU!”

In the books that statement makes the loudmouth think, ‘dead men don’t win’.. In most books, Dustup and his men ride off, deciding to live to fight another day…. In his men’s mind the thought occurs, ‘OLD DUSTUP’ is ready to let us die, but when HE knows he is the target it is a different story.


Pregnancy? ,,,  We all know the cause. WE also know the woman KNOWS it is HER baby and most of the time she knows WHO is the baby’s daddy.  With modern technology it can be known who is or is not the father!

Laws in this world since the beginning of time have been made by men. We ’SCREAM’ at the Muslim who is allowed to ‘beat’ his wife to keep her in line.  In fact the same thing was ‘allowed’ in our country many years ago, and in some sick minds, still exists.

I do not like abortion, but in the same vein I have never been pregnant. That is not meant to be funny, but to say I DO NOT/CANNOT KNOW THE FEELINGS OF ANY WOMAN WHO LEARNS SHE IS PREGNANT. I do know Sherry tells me now that when she first learned she was expecting our first, she had a husband, and still, ‘it scared her to death,’ (her words)

I PERSONALLY believe there are exceptions for abortions. To wit,  pregnancy due to: mental capacity, incest, rape, and when the mother’s life is at risk.  If the choice is between the baby and my wife, the baby will be sent to heaven!

Now to express the reason for this diatribe, Until LAWS written by men INCLUDE the responsibility of the MAN they SHOULD NEVER be allowed on the books. If you are going to force a 14-15 year old girl to carry the child to term and give birth, THE MAN/BOY should be listed as the father and under law be required to support the child, even if he must quit school and get a job.

If he is a crook, he should be forced to work in a stone quarry and every cent paid, given to support the child.

You may know of shameful situations. We do. A sweet friend who became pregnant in the 1950s was sent to live with relatives in another state to have her baby and was forced to give it up to adoption, SHE WAS NEVER THE SAME!

So “IMHO” until the people who yell MURDERER at a scared young girl entering an abortion clinic are willing to assist that girl, walk in her shoes (mentally) and open their OWN wallets, they should keep their mouths shut!

Okay I said it, but in closing, as a man I have heard MEN SAY: “Yeah Jack, I have two boys at home, I have no idea how many more I left along the way,” usually said laughing.

Also my opinion, MUCH of the time men have sex for their satisfaction, WILL PROMISE OF SAY MUCH to get it.. On the other hand I really think most women who have sex, do it because they are in love, or think they are.

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PS: I feel for so sorry for many grandparents who are FORCED to raise their unwanted grandchildren.



Mevely317 said...

As a pro-Lifer, this was a difficult read. But as your friend, I respect your right to say it. I don't have all the answers -- but thank God no-one I care for has been in such a position.

NanaDiana said...

Well said, my friend. I think none of can judge-that is up to God. I do believe men should have to bear responsibility for any consequences but we all know that doesn't happen.
I hope you and Sherry have a wonderful week. Hugs, Diana

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are entitled to our own opinions. But we should never have the right to force them on others. There are so many if's that we could go round in circles. Good post Jack! It is something on everyones's mindset seems.

betty said...

IF (and remember the big word IF) we did what the Bible says about sex (as in a marriage relationship AND ONLY in a marriage relationship) then the "problem" of abortion would not be (or be as relevant as it is). But we all know that hardly anyone follows the Biblical mandate of sex and therefore there are "unwanted" babies. I truly believe ALL babies, aborted or allowed to live, are wanted by their Creator. The Bible says of barren women who desperately wanted to conceive and could not (some eventually did). Think Sarah and Hannah and Rachel. Therefore, I truly believe abortion is murder. Life begins at conception. More education should be on abstinence (it is possible) and less on satisfying the physical desires. I also hear abortion is down among teens. Abortion SHOULD NEVER be used as a form of birth control. I have said it before and I will say it again. I know women who have had abortions. I know a woman who was date raped and got pregnant and is raising that now almost teenage child. I respect your opinion, Jack. I know you stand by yours and I'll stand by mine and I do believe we can continue to agree to disagree and remain friends :)


yaya said...

Working in health care I would never work in a clinic or hospital that performed abortions. When I worked in Chicago we had one OB Doc who had an unusual amount of teenage girls who had miscarriages. We figured he started them in his office and then told them to go to the hospital for a legal D&C. Couldn't prove it back in the day. Today he'd be investigated I'm sure. However, I do believe there are situations where an abortion is warranted. I know I would never have had one but I have known women who did. Some were never the same after and never had any children later. This will never be a black and white situation but you stated your opinion perfectly and I agree with what you said. I'm just grateful I've never had to make that choice because of rape or incest. There are many families that would love to adopt a baby and I always think that's the better alternative as long as it's not forced on the mother. Good thoughtful post Jack. Have a good week!

Lisa said...

I do not agree with abortions for any reason but I also do not shun the girl that had one. The choice was hers.
I believe God chooses when and where the seed is planted. I have know rape victims have their children that turn into little blessings. I have also known a mother that was told her child would be deformed and should abort. She chose life and it was a perfect baby. These are enough reasons for me to be against it.

Good post

Woody said...

Sure hope you and Sherry are "Buttoned Down" and you have "Secured The Hatches" with this Nasty "IAN" that is around, Prayerfs for you an the Family and all others !
Love from the North, Gary and Anna Mae !