Monday, September 5, 2022

 Make our Lord smile!

Auto Photo:

 I miss these service stations.....

(I once worked at one sorta like this)

 For today:

We went to Saint Matthew, SC to hear a former pastor preach. His name was C H Matthews and related to folks who established the town.

On the church sign out front was:

“If you want to make God smile, tell him your plans!” they attributed the statement to Dolly Parton.

BTW (even OLD) ‘C H’ did a great job of ministry, even better than when he was in his 20s!

But this entry is about plans. I had plans this last few days. Three days ago, I looked under the kitchen sink, ouch, a bad leak!  Drop everything, morning was spent repairing sink.

Today I needed to get a tractor started to clear the road to our house.  It has been many moons, maybe 20 years since it was started. I gave it to my son Mark years ago, and it has been setting. I decided to pull the battery and bring it here to charge it.

When I went to our former home (Now owned by Granddaughter Sherece) to retrieve the battery, and before seeing the tractor, I noticed some trees (small 4”-7”) had fallen on the storage building. There were a total of 6 of them.  After getting the battery on charger I grabbed an extension cord and the electric chain saw and headed back.

Jim and Barbara Wills (He did a couple movies)

Clearing the road is for our neighbor James (Jim) Arp. Jim is a couple years older than I. He was famous as a Rock’n Roll singer, 1950s-60s. Lead singer and guitarist for ‘The Del-Rays.’

The city should be clearing the road, but Jim says they told him to do it. It is always good to spend time with Jim, I know some of his jokes are old, but so are we.

Now ain’t you sorry that Sherry said, “At least post once in awhile!”

For fun, Jim Arp:


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betty said...

Glad you posted, Jack! It is good to hear from you and to know you are keeping yourself busy (and hopefully out of trouble!)


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Sherry is right. It is good you posted. I was getting worried about you; and prayed extra more. Got to get up from my knees now.

You have been busy it seems. Take care and have a rest.

God bless.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It was great to see your post today. You have been missed. I have learned that God's plans are always better than mine were. That is the truth! Glad that I don't have to worry about what's going to happen. He takes care of all of that !

Mevely317 said...

Thanks so much for posting and letting us know all's A-OK! I just wish you could bottle up some of your 'get-r-done' and send it my way!
Old friends like Jim are a blessing, aren't they? You're sweet to listen.

Lisa said...

I’m glad your back too. I read your post almost every day and it’s kind of weird when your blute (Blog mute). Yes I just made up that word.
I go MIA a lot on my blog sometimes but i’m always on here reading others. I just run out of stuff to talk about and time to do it.