Friday, September 30, 2022


On the road, Fri, Oct 30th

 These pictures are not driving around Atlanta.  These were taken on the way to see Buddy & Di when they lived in NM. Taken at or near Bloomfield, New Mexico.  These are the roads for an 80+ year old man to drive on.  I thought of this today at Atlanta... LOL


 Driving WEST of the Mississippi is a different world....

For today:

We feel so sorry for those folks in the area where Ian came ashore. What destruction!! The flooding was terrible. Since Ian came in lower than projected, it skirted with no damage where our place is and the areas we park the RV.

We checked with our sons who are in Leesburg.  No damage and all services available.  A friend let us know that the latest reservations we have are still good with the park in Wildwood receiving minor damage.

So after Sherry’s last DR appt and before the storm hit the Charlotte, NC area, we hooked up the car and took the westerly trip thru ATLANTA instead of our usual trip along the East Coast.  At the time Ian was using that route.

Jack Jr called early to say they had nice weather and blue skies in Leesburg.  WE left home in a light drizzle. After a little over an hour we had no rain, in 2 hours we had clear blue skies.

We are overnighting in Macon Georgia.

Just an update, we are doing well.  Life is good.

Nite Shipslog


Never hit the Atlanta area at the end of a work day. WALL TO WALL CARS AND TRUCKS, much of the time it is a huge parking lot. LOL  But we survived I even changed lanes and didn't hit anyone I know of. Most of the trip around Atlanta was 5-6 mph. He I got up to 35mph once.... ;-)


Lisa said...

I’m so glad all is ok. I have been thinking about yall and your home in Florida. I just posted some photos on my blog of the destruction Ian left at our campground.
Thanks for the update, you have been quiet for a couple days.

From wet gastonia

betty said...

Glad you and Sherry are safe. Prayers continue for those in Ian's path with the destruction and death that occurred :(


Mevely317 said...

Good to see you back, Jack! My BF and family are in Macon this week, having evacuated their homes in St. Pete and Palmetto.
I didn't realize both your 'boys' were in Florida. Nice to know neither they nor your landing pad were affected by Ian.
Be safe out there!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's good to see your post today and know that all is ok there. I' ve been wondering about your property and family in Florida. My son that lives down there came through the hurricane safely too, but now they are experiencing low water pressure and no internet or electricity. It's going to take a long while to clean up the mess and get everyone to safety. The news today said they were still searching for those that need help. Not everyone was as lucky as we were. Take care and have a safe trip. Enjoy the southern sunshine !

Woody said...

Great to see your Post, Glad you and Sherry are "On The Road Again" ! Take Care and be careful ! Glad the Boys are OK !!!! Gary and Anna Mae

Victor S E Moubarak said...

So glad you and yours are well. Praying for all affected by the storm. Take care and enjoy your holiday.

God bless.