Sunday, August 28, 2022

Out for a while…

 Auto Photo:


 I am as old as this 1939 Buick, and not in half as good-a-shape!

For today:

Sherry says she will but comforters on both beds in the apartment.  I made a mistake and put ice trays in the refrigerator and one was too long and held the freezer open for a couple days, burning out the compressor.

There were a few things wrong with the refer, one that bothered me was the ‘temp’ gauge was missing. So I took time to haul it to the dump.  Jack Jr. says he has an extra small refer at his home here and will get it over here once he returns to NC.

My head is sort ‘empty’ or blank. My mind is ‘here and there’ and I cannot concentrate on the Shipslog. I am taking another break, see you in a few days…

I do appreciate your reading and comments. BUT if I can figure how I will turn off comments for your convenience.

Love y’all

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