Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Time is running out

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 When your pet Camel wants an outing!

For today:

Time is running out for me to make an end to the apartment. Soon we should be heading south for a time. I have cancelled the short visit to PA because the RV club we are in, Thousand Trails, will not talk to Sherry on the phone.

This was a strange phone situation. I am sure you have called some business and went thru the selections pick #1 for appointments, #2 cancellations etc.  Then you select your number and hear: “Please hold, our operators are busy with other members, we will be with you shortly.” But this time after that hold message, they come back with a new message I had never heard. Our operators are too busy to take your call. Please try again later!

Then the second try, the same stinking message. We were calling to see if we could get more than the 5 days. They always say, please call the RV park they may find that few days.  So instead of buying diesel for such a short trip we cancelled. We have dear friends in the area and were hoping to see then, since they are getting OLDER! ;-)

Anyway, we will head South in September, hoping we can get reservations this time of the year with no problem, but THAT IS NOT GUARANTEED!!!

This RV association is a lot like the Condo agreements that don’t always work the way advertised. The company itself is covered by the small print that says (as available) when pointed out to the salesman they will say, “Oh, that will be no problem we will find room for members.”

WE enjoy traveling in the RV, we hope to keep it up for a few more years. The coach is parked out back and it is calling to me, “Hey start me up, let’s go!”

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PS: Ref the apartment: I am now playing with the bedroom, this is a tough spot, too much stuff to relocate.  I am expecting the last of the lights and insulation tomorrow....


betty said...

Wow, Jack, that was a new one with the phone message about the operators being too busy to take the call. I have gotten something similar with "due to the high volume of calls we are experiencing right now we can't take your call" and then the call hangs up, but not that they were too busy. Talk about not good customer service! What a shame though that you couldn't get a better answer so that perhaps you could have seen your friends!


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Hope your holiday trip works out fine, Jack. Bon voyage et au revoir when you return. Enjoy your holiday and take care.

God bless y'all.

Mevely317 said...

LOLOLOL on that camel!

I thought I'd heard it all, but hearing the operators are 'too busy' takes the cake. That's so rude!
Day before yesterday I had something similar happen. Trying to cancel a doctor's appointment, I phoned the (local) number on the website. Unfortunately, when you hit #1 to be connected with Scheduling, it transferred me to someone in Seattle. Or Tacoma, I forget. Anyway. I didn't realize I wasn't talking to someone in Montgomery and just said I needed to cancel my appointment next week. ONLY after answering a litany of questions to prove I'm really who I said I was, she went into this little spiel how valued their patients are, etc., etc.
When I butted in to say I just needed to cancel, she told me they're not authorized to do that, I'd have to talk to the local office. Some days I hate modern technology!

I hope your Today is enjoyable, putting finishing touches on the apartment!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Too bad about the problems in heading north, I would have cancelled too. Hope you have much better luck going south. Still you do have your own destination place there so at least you have a place to park if all else fails. I know you'd like to visit with your friends along the way and hope you get to do that ! Good luck and congrats on the apartment. It sounds like a wonderful place to stay !

Susie said...

Wow hauling a camel does not look like a fun time. Oh that blinking phone run around . I can not tell you how many time I get on and off the phone tearing my hair out...yes, I am practically bald. LOL Our phone and internet Co. really had me mad. When I moved here, I wanted the landline and internet turned off at the farm and brought here in town. The fellow said no problem, and proceeded to talk and put me on hold twice, going on an hour and then said, " let me check something" and I said in a very stern voice, "Don't you dare put me on hold again"...he said, " my internet is running slow." I said, " maybe you need a better internet than the one you are trying to sell me." YIKES !!! May the good Lord help us all. Good idea to save gas. Blessings, xoxo, Susie