Saturday, August 13, 2022


Understanding Covid, HA!

Memorable car of the day:

 This is actually a 1950 Ford, we called it customizing...

I feel customized!  But I don't look this good...

For today:

Live and learn I have been told. Yes, I tested positive 3 times for Covid using 2 different types of tests because I couldn’t believe it. Then what do you do?  You listen to folks, look on the net, get advice from recent survivors, etc. So after the self-quarantine, as you start feeling better, how do you know you are out of the woods? AH HA, I had a great idea.  I will call and find a drive thru Covid testing spot.  I did. I drove thru.

YOU will have the results in 2 to five hours via e-mail. We hope you the best….

I drove back home, told Sherry what they said, in about 15 minutes, I decided to ck my e-mails. Ah ha results are in, WHAT?. After giving the secret words and secret hand shakes with my monitor I read, “YOU ARE POSITIVE!”

We started dreading another week separation, etc.  Then I started checking around. I searched the web, I am learning that VERY FEW people “TEST OUT FROM UNDER COVID,” they just go about their business once the symptoms depart… WHAT?  I don’t want to be running around spreading this stuff, the DANGED tests say I have COVID!!!!  Do I believe them?  WHAT? One person told me I could test positive up to 3 months, and not have it.

I called my Dr, told them the story.  I have an apt in a few days. He sends word get the blood work done and make the appt if the symptoms are gone…… ?!?!?!

I am talking to myself, “Tell me again what the symptoms are?”  There are so many I doubt if ALL symptoms have disappeared from 50% of us survivors….”

I am a: “I want solid answers!” type of guy.  When am I not a threat to my sweet wife?  When am I not a threat of Joe Citizen at the hardware store?  I NEED to know!

Don’t worry about it I am told, go on with your life…. So I am back in the house with my sweetheart. Right now I have a mask on, not sure how long that will last.

Do I sound confused?!?!?….. Lost in North Carolina, BUT FEELING BETTER…  I’m tired, is that a symptom???

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Susie said...

My son in law had covid and tested a week later, neg. but said the lasting tiredness went on a week longer. I still wear a mask in stores and most often I am the only one. I have decent health and I want to keep it. I still wipe anything down from the store when it comes onto this house. Use hand sanitizers and wash my hands often. Our little town still has cases. It seems to be a milder version, in some. I have heard of 13 cases in a month. Please stay safe. Keep Sherry safe also. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

Brenda said...

Trust the test…it takes awhile..

betty said...

When my husband had it, he didn't test afterwards, just the initial test that said he had it. He did have symptoms for about a month, fatigue and tiredness being the major ones. No energy. No get up and go. My grandson tested positive for a few weeks after he had no symptoms. The school finally told my DIL and son to have him come back in, positive or not, because he had missed so much school. I don't know if the experts know what they are doing sometimes with all this testing. People get tested for the flu, but I don't remember them getting a follow up test afterwards. Hopefully your doctor will give you more advice on what to do!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good you area wearing a mask. I would want a negative test before I continued normal living. Better to be safe than not. Take good care and follow your doctor's orders.

Mevely317 said...

I'm so glad to 'see' you again, Jack. (Don't make me start calling hospitals, okay?)
I, too, am so confused by these tests and symptoms and non-symptoms. Who are we supposed to believe?

In the end I sense it's wise to listen to your own body. It's not let you down yet.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I have been very worried about you Jack, and Sherry too.

Just to let you know I am still praying for you and your family.

God bless.

Woody said...

GREAT NEWS on this Post, Take it Easy, GO SLOW !!! Prayers for you and Sherry ! Gary and Anna Maer

Susan Kane said...

Jack, I hope you and Sherry are doing okay. We had 2 shots, one booster, thought we had dodged that bullet. About 2 weeks ago the battle started. We were sick. Sounds like you were in my garden.

I lost 10 lbs, my husband 20 lbs. Fatigue, coughing, some vomiting and diarrhea, cold sweats--pretty much the same as yours. Today John cooked some small,semi torched hamburgers. It was the first bite of hamburger, I ate it all, it was amazing.

The frustration we all have felt points in DC. Don't need to elaborate on that. I almost feel like a troop of FBI could be searching through my underwear drawer.

Here the big events also focus on the Parents reclaiming their parental rights, and wrestle with the FBI labeling us as terrorists.Even parents who would never previously get the courage to stand up against government abuse of Constitution stand up. The parents have been amazing, rising to the challenge.

I am sure you and Sherry can hear the anger in my words. I never ever thought that the military would do this abuse. What next. Grrr.

Lisa said...

OK heres the deal…..You are not contagious unless you have a fever or directly cough on someone. Go ahead and do what you feel like doing. Just wear your mask if you are still coughing.
Work places are only making people stay out of work for 5 days after testing positive.

From the coast