Thursday, August 25, 2022

Outback & bedroom

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         Sometimes we are just overloaded!

For today:

Today was grandson Matt’s BD.  Next month is grandson Luke’s BD so we decided it was time for a family dinner so we announced dinner at Outback. We had 14 show up and had a good time.

Now for a shot at the bedroom.  Still a lot of work involved, but I moved two twin beds from our #2 BR upstairs. Sherry has always wanted a double bed in there instead of twins.

I have shuffled a lot of STUFF but here is near the final look, yesterday.....

The twins had some frilly female spreads and sheets, so I left them topside and brought the beds and one pair of sheets down. Of course I replaced the frilly pillow case covers. Gotta find a spot for the sewing machine….

I hope to move this China cabinet

up topside and make more room here. 

I checked the antique shop today, they do not do consignments.

I will try to sell an older china cabinet, buffet and table and chairs somewhere online when I find out how to, and the place. LOL

I know of craig’s list, do you know anymore? Any suggestions?

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Lisa said...

We sold a lot of Nicks Dads antiques on craigs list. Smaller things sell better on Ebay. You can also post things for free in Facebook Market place.


betty said...

The bedroom is coming along great! Looks like a pretty good size room too! If you have the NextDoor App or want to install it, if it is available in your area, that could be a good place to sell things on. Sounds like a lovely family get together! The Outback does make mighty delicious tasting food!


Unknown said...

That Outback outing sounded great. Happy Birthday to both your grand sons. The bedroom is looking really good. I need to sell a buffet that is too large for dining room. Have you tried Next door or Market Place?

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Happy Birthday to grandsons. You did a good job with the bedroom and all other work. So talented.

God bless always.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

There is nothing better than a family get together. Your at the Outback sounds great. Getting 14 together at the same time is quite a feat. HAPPY Birthday to your loved ones ! The bedroom does look great. That's a lot of moving around to do. Take care of your back.

Mevely317 said...

A family birthday dinner at Outback sounds wonderful ... yummmm!

Jack, pretty soon you're going to have biceps like Jack Lalanne! Seriously, it's looking so nice. I'm surprised the antique shop wasn't interested in that cabinet; perhaps Facebook Marketplace? That's where we found ours.

Woody said...

Hi Jack, Why not try Facebook Site called Market Place to sell your items,
You can find it here at this site, Photograph your Item and Post it,


Sheila Y said...

Happy Birthday to Matt and to Luke a little early. The only other place I can suggest is maybe a consignment store. If none in town maybe in Charlotte.
Take Care, Sheila ❤️