Friday, August 5, 2022

I am in isolation-

 I have been locked out of my accounts. I have changed my passwords so many time I am even sicker. LOL

I have Met Covid 19 and am not happy with him!

I am living in the motor home for a few days. There used to be a wild woman that loved here too! To tell the truth i like it here, but sure miss that girl...

I remember my Doctor saying: "Do the math about the shots then use your judgement."

Me, "I hear you can still get the virus if you get the shots?"

"Then do the math on that too. Remember your birthday, that alone puts you at risk.  The figures show less deaths by Covid with those who have had the shots."

Well lemme tell you, if this is MILD, I sure am glad I got the shots..... LOL.  I think I have had a bad case of the Flu and a Bad cold. I even think I had strep.  But to my recollection this is the sickest I have ever been.  There ain't no way I would compare this to the FLU or a BAD Cold.  This really ain't no FUN!

Right now I wish I had found time for the booster.

I am gonna try to show you the apt as Of now:

Entrance from basement GArage.

Door opened you see....

This is the Kitchen pantry. That fan is an antique. Sherry said she used to sit on it at times as she grew up.

This is the view of the living room. I am using some of the furniture in the Bedroom (storage room) to make room there.

This view is the entry door and pantry accordion doors closed, foreground is the dining room table where I am taking my meals if not in the RV.

Close shot  of the living area. the couch is made of our old coffee table and lounge cushions. 
Finally the bed room   I cannot believe I was able to open this much up..... (yeah the bed is low, gotta do something about that. (Maybe put some milk crates under it.  ;-)  )

Sherry delivers my meals at the top of the basement stairs, This is a lucky selfie using my camera.  I still cannot get pictures from the cell phone to the Blog.  Oh well, right now I don't even care. I remember my older brother telling me, "Jackie, I can smile when it hurts!"   Okay Odis, I can too!

Nite shipslog

 I hope this posts, or I B upset.


Susie said...

Hate to hear you are sick with Covid. I had the shots and one booster. I did not get the second booster because even tho I am old I am healthy. But I wear my mask if I go to any store and wipe everything down from those stores. I still wipe doorknobs and the mailbox. I keep hearing of covid here and s not lasting as long but the tired feeling seems to linger. My sister's neighbors have had it, three of them. My brother and his wife, from going to a big wedding. My grandson and one son in law. I just flat do not want it. So I am praying for you smiling Jack and your sweet girl. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Anonymous said...

I am jack the Shipslog guy....I tried to get o my Blogger dash board and edit my post, but it wants me to open a new blog. I meant to mention I am like a lot of people. I doubted I would get COVID. I even used 3 home tests to verify. My results came back positive in seconds NOT 15 minutes. Sherry came up negative using the same test.

Mevely317 said...

Jack, we're praying for speedy healing right now! The basement looks great. Love y'all! Myra and Tom

Brenda said...

If everyone would get the vaccine, this would be over…if not for themselves, for others…second booster important….mask…mask…mask…

Woody said...

Anna Mae and I are Praying for you and Sherry, We have you on the Prayer Chain so there are others you don't even know that ARE praying for you, I am glad you had your Shots !! Now rest and drink, drink, drink and rest, rest and get better ! Sending down Love and Well wishs, Gary and Anna Mae !

betty said...

I heard a commentator say one time several years back "it's not if you get Covid, but when you get Covid". He was pretty convinced everyone would eventually get it. I'm sorry it was your time to get it Jack and I hope Sherry doesn't get it from you. It must be hard to be in isolation and then not feeling the best! Just rest as much as you can and if you think you are getting sicker instead of better, reach out to your doctor!


Unknown said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear the dreaded virus got you. I sure hope you get to feeling better quick. You might not have your booster but you have your shots, and thank the lord because you think you're feeling bad now, you don't want to know how bad you'd be feeling without them. It wouldn't be good. I will be praying that this is over quick and you will feel better sooner rather than later. Please take care of yourself. PS The apartment is coming along nicely.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

I am so sorry to hear you are not well, Jack. I am praying for you and your family right now. Praying for your speedy recovery.

Please take it easy and relax.

I like the photos of your apartment. It is good to have a low bed as this stops having monsters under the bed. The monsters then moved into my cupboard and I moved that in the garage. Now I have to cross the garden into the garage every time I need a change of clothing. The neighbours have complained!

God bless always my friend.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are in my prayers for a speedy recovery! So sorry you got it bad. I've still not got it, but am double booster and hope that keeps me safe. That and I'm still wearing a mask when I venture out shopping and such. Some people never wear one any more, but it's my safety blanket and I m not ready to shed it yet. Get well soon Jack. Issolation isn't good at all.

yaya said...

Oh Jack, I'm sorry you're going through this crazy Covid illness. I'm sure you'll feel better around day 4 or 5 and I'm praying you have a good recovery and that beautiful girl of yours stays healthy! Yes, I think everyone will have it and so far it's been running through around our parts but much less hospitalizations from it. So hang in there my friend! Hugs from a distance here in Ohio!

Sheila Y said...

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon. C19 is a dirty fella, not nice at all. Prayers for your recovery and that Mrs Sherry doesn’t get it. The apartment is looking good.
Sending love, Sheila

Lisa said...

oh man! I hate to hear you have that Covid mess. I went so long without it and have been exposed to it so many times that I thought I was immune. Haha. Nope I finally got it a couple weeks ago. I was only really sick one day but the rest of the the two weeks, I was weak with congestion. Hope your feeling better soon.


Anonymous said...