Saturday, December 9, 2023

The Trumpet player can’t sing

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 Banjo Matthews in his 1958 Chevy

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So for today:

The churches I was raised in loved music and musical instruments. Dad encouraged all musicians to use their talents in church. Dad first got me a Saxophone. The more I looked at all those keys the more scary it got. I begged him to return the sax and get me a trumpet, it has 3 keys!  I thought I could handle that.  LOL

In your life you will make decisions you regret. The alternatives MAY NOT have worked out but man oh man when I hear a sax player that makes that thing talk, I smile with regrets. ;-)  I did get good with the trumpet, I made it to first trumpet in the School band.

But now in church, I know ONE line of a lot of songs because I was tooting the horn and looked at notes, not words.

My dad had a passion for tent meetings. He had his own tent for years.  Even when he pastored he found a nearby area with a field that the owners donated a weeks time for the revival.  I remember a revival in the mountains of NC several folks came to the Lord. One fellow, who lived on and sold moonshine; was ‘saved,’ started to church and got a regular job in the mill.

That one I remember because the chief of Police  came to the parsonage to talk to dad.  He asked about the man since they had had no complaints and he had not been arrested in a few weeks. He had heard he had turned over a new leaf. LOL.

The old man’s son had a home-made banjo. Dad got him in the church band.  That kid could play that thing. I took notice that the sound was good, but the kid only fretted one string.  I asked my grandson Stephen (Steve is a master of any stringed instrument)  about that and he said YES, it is seldom done, but some folks can tune a banjo to do that.

Anyway since I seldom know an entire Hymn/song, in church at times my ribs get sore from her elbow ( wrong verse, she whispers!)

I see some kids still play music in church.

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PS: We attended a Church of Christ once with a friend, you know, I didn’t notice it at first that there were no instruments, they do great Acephala.  But I do prefer instruments.


Victor S E Moubarak said...

Oh I'd love to be able to play a musical instrument. I tried and failed many times. Except for the paper and comb. I'm good at that. But the Church choir turned me down. They said my noise keeps the congregation awake.

God bless you, Jack and Sherry.

Mevely317 said...

What fun memories! (I can't wait to show this one to Tom.) Unfortunately, I've no good recollections of piano and violin lessons, recitals, etc. That was my parent's dream.
Strange, perhaps, but all these years later I can't identify a single note of music!

PS - I'd no idea the Church of Christ didn't have musical instruments!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Good for you playing any kind of instrument, a couple of my grandsons play the trumpet. I was never musically inclined and I love to hear others play. I do sing and sang in the choir in high school. But now my voice is not so good. So it's always better when I don't sing at all.

happyone said...

I love a cappella singing.
In my church we sing hymns along with a piano.
Sometimes someone plays an instrument for a special.
We still sing all the old time hymns that I've sung all my life.

Glenda said...

Oh, you two are STILL our all-time favorites!!! I've been so busy with the upcoming wedding that I have dedicated a lot of time to making lists and notes to remember all the details. It's still hard for me to remember that I'll turn seventy-five years of age in August, and am in love with my sweetheart ~ when I'd never considered remarriage again.
However, God is all-knowing and has led us to the commitment we've made. We would love to have y'all with us again. Please do say you'll come to Chobee and be the Pastor.