Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Friends on the internet

  A picture from the Past.

 They lived on an UNbusy street and we just parked on the road.

Sherry caught me going up to their door.

Below is Sherry leaving the coach after I made sure they were home and would see us.

On my last blog entry I mentioned Lucy,  I think the last I remember of her was 2015 (?). Lucy was a regular. Joe her hubby and Spunky the ‘fat Beagle’. She was a fun person, and just dropped off the internet.  Every once in awhile I would do a search of obits for her and Joe.

I found Joe’s obit first, she never mentioned it but he was retired from the USAF. Lucy & Joe Horky of Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Once we happened to be driving within 15 miles of their home and drove by unannounced.  They welcomed us like family. 

We had a great 15-30 minute visit. I did get to pet Spunky 

and see where Lucy spent her time on the computer.

Of course Sherry & Lucy hit it off like old friends.

In Joe’s obit it told she was in an assisted living at that time. A few months later I found her obit.

This is  an example of someone just dropping off the net and we do not know what is happening or has happened.


PS:  Once again ‘Thanks’ AGAIN to y’all for stopping by the Shipslog..  Life is getting better here. Except the new phone!!




Victor S E Moubarak said...

Yes, it is sad when bloggers just vanish and you don't know what's happened to them. Their blog posts just stop. It is also sadder when they continue blogging and visiting other blogs but they stop visiting yours. I often wonder; have I said something that offended them?

Anyway, I normally say a prayer for those who suddenly stop visiting me.

God bless, Jack and Sherry.

(What's wrong with your new phone?) Mine has stopped ringing; it laughs at me instead.

yaya said...

I have lost a few blog buddies over the years. It's nice if someone comes on and tells followers that they've passed away. I keep meaning to have one of my boys, or all of them, know how to do that. But they'll be too busy fighting over who gets all my blog books I bet..Hahahaha! Now that's funny! Remember, you're always welcome to drop in at our home any time!

Mevely317 said...

I'll bet y'all's impromptu visit made Lucy and Joe's whole day ... just look at her smile!
Yours is a great example of friendships developed online. Pretty sure I've said so already, but I feel closer to some of my friends behind the monitor than I do with those 'in person' folks.

PS - Do you know whatever happened to Spunky? In a way I hope he passed before his 'pawrents' so he didn't think they abandoned him.

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness - I LOVED LUCY and her dog. So she is gone now. So sad. I lost contact with her some how. Thanks' for letting me know.