Monday, May 6, 2024

Disappointed, BUT

 Pic of the day:

 My favorite cat, Stormy Daniels, She is in the news again (a lot)

For today From Elkhart, IN:

Of course we were there an hour early. They had two coaches ahead of us, but by our 9am apt, they had the coach inside the shop troubleshooting.  We went to breakfast. Okay, this was the highlight of the day. Andre at the shop, recommended Callahan’s Restaurant.  This place gets 5 stars for sure. I declare the waitress was close to our age, but got around like a kid.

I like an omelet. So I ordered a ham, pepper onion omelet with pancakes and coffee. I am the one who usually says ‘ditto’ for me, but this time Sherry copied me. The omelet was big, the pancakes at least 7” across. The coffee cups were kept full even with our waitress alone in a busy dining room. We asked for boxes to go because we only ate half of the meal, now we have tomorrow’s breakfast. You seldom get a surprise anymore with the bill.  The total for all was $21. Down home that would easily have been $30+.  Our waitress Ruth smiled at the tip, and she deserved it!

Okay the truth.  Our control panel, the brains of the system, has been monkeyed with.  Someone has butchered the circuit board with a soldering iron trying to do something. We talked to both repairmen who explained the situation.  This control panel is obsolete. It must be removed from the coach and put on the system that built it, before anything wrong in the system can be repaired. SOOOO There is only one place in the USA that can fix our problem and that is the manufacturer of the HWH jacks in Moscow, Iowa.

WE now face some big decisions.  Not many options but we have been throwing good money after bad now for a little while. This trip itself will approach $1000 plus a total of $300 to learn the truth.

I am not ready to quit RV’ing BUT I do not want to jump thru hoops to get a slideout in and out and park unlevel without jacks.

However, we did fill up the car at $3.28 a gallon today. ;-).

It would be nice if vehicles were still as simple as this '32 Ford Roadster.

We are 300 miles from Moscow. WE Do not want to go there at this time. We had hoped to go to Lancaster, PA but will wait until fall.  Now we will head back to NC for a few days then on down to Florida and see if someone wants to trade!  LOL  WE must stay here until our mail catches up with us….

Stay tuned…..

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Thank you all for being here…  Smile life is better (on the road)…. It is still good to be above the snakes….. (and worms)


Susan Kane said...

Sigh. Electronics and engines. I hope it all goes well. the roadster is so cool. I love when there is an antique and vintage auto show. I always look at the pickups. Be careful, drive safely, and enjoy.

Lisa said...

You had me at pancakes. I love pancakes. It’s always nice to sit down to a good restaurant with good service at reasonable prices.

Safe Travels

Mevely317 said...

Well darn! I'm not smart enough to argue ... just impressed that y'all make decisions as a TEAM.

Breakfast 'out' is one of my most favorite pastimes -- made that much better with a server like Ruth.
I could go for some eggs and sausage right now!

Chatty Crone said...

The breakfast for $21 sounded amazing.
I guess then the repair must be mega money. I am so sorry. They do sound like they knew what they were doing.
Have a safe trip home after getting your mail.