Saturday, May 18, 2024

Radio and Rock n Roll

  A picture from the Past.

I wish I had learned to dance, got time? Check these out, dancing and great 50s pics.

I have tried for over an hour to  get these on but no luck BAD signal...

 For Today:

From Sherry's trivia questions today, Name the first Rock and Roll song to make the pop charts. 

I remember it well because my clock was set to go off at 5:50am on school days. Rules for Broadcasting were very strict at the time, not one word would be on the air before their allowed time.  WBT was allowed to broadcast starting at 6am.  

My program of choice was “Groans by Jones” my radio clicked on at 5:50 and I would lay there waiting for a single ‘cough’*** at 5:55, most mornings it was right on the minute.  Then at 6 exactly I would hear, ‘This is early morning songs from, Groans by Jones’ then a song.  One morning he said, “This is Groans by Jones, I am sick of hearing this song, and by the time this program is over, you will be sick of it too. For the next hour he played Bill Haley and His Comets doing, Rock Around The Clock repeatedly only speaking at the required times of Identifying the station and making the paid advertisements. I listened as I got ready for school, 7am I headed down for breakfast, then to school.

I have wondered many times if any other DJ did something crazy like that?  Radio was big in my early days. I spent 5 to 5:30pm  Mon, Wed and Fri, listening to ‘The Lone Ranger and Tonto’. I sat breathlessly as I listened to the “William Tell Overture” I loved that music, having played it many times in  school bands.

At nights it was 3 or 4 of these 30 minute programs: ‘Fibber McGee and Molly’, “Your little immigrant Luige”,  ’The FBI’s Ten Most Wanted Criminals’, Beaulah, Gunsmoke, Our Miss Brooks, It pays to be Ignorant, Abbot and Costello, Amos ‘n Andy and the Shadow.

WE sat or laid around and WATCHED the RADIO. Imaginations went wild.  The sound effects they used were great. We never had a TV in our house as I grew up, Sherry did.

I have said before, the first place I watched TV was in a local Fire Department where the Firemen allowed the local boys to watch ‘Howdy Doody’.

The TV is still big, but the ‘telephone’ is fast taking over there.  LOL


PS:  ***DJ Jones used that cough to let him know his Mike was alive…….

Once again ‘Thanks’ AGAIN to y’all for stopping by the Shipslog..  Life is getting better here Except for the Cell signal it is spotty at best….


Susan Kane said...

We always had the radio on in the kitchen while Mom and us girls worked. She love the soaps and a talk show with Arthur Godfrey.

happyone said...

I remember getting our first TV when I was 4 years old. Don't remember listening to shows on the radio.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Wonderful videos. Brought back memories of when I played this song on the radio.

God bless always.

Mevely317 said...

How fun! I never heard of Groans by Jones but remember hearing something in the 70's about a DJ that locked himself in the studio and played the same song on repeat until the authorities stepped in. If memory serves (haha!) -- it was meant as some sort of protest. Nowaday's technology, all someone would have to do probably is push a button.

Radio programs weren't really my thing, but Tom sure remembers. Good times.

yaya said...

I loved my first transitter radio and would go downtown Chicago with my BFF to visit our favorite DJ's. We had TV in black and white for many years. When Jack and I got married we had a little 12in black and white that served us well. Now we have a 65in monster! I still enjoy the radio in the car with local sirus..and the oldies that they play.

Anne M Robinson said...

Such great memories. I went everywhere with my BFF Karen and our bikes listening to tunes from KOMA in OKC even though we were in Pueblo, Colorado. My folks had that beautiful old radio but my middle brother ed was a ham operator and he thught he could fix it and took the whole thing apart. Oh the sadness of it all! I would love to have had that when we lost mom in 2001. Thanks for the memories.