Friday, May 10, 2024


 Pic of the day:

 At the Grand Canyon with Collette and Sonny.  Sherry's Sister and Sonny,  my Best friend in my old age, )

We walked down a little ways into the canyon.
Looking down at thisd amazing BIG HOLE in the earth. That peak we are looking down on is nearly a mile high from the base.

(Colette always said, "We would not have gone anywhere if not for Sherry & jack)


From Michigan, on the banks of the St. Joe River:

I hear many times, “You two have a great way of life.”  We do, BUT, so do you.  We all try to enjoy life; we won’t be here all that long.  I remember 60 year old people said, ‘you will be surprised how fast your life will go.’  They were right.  We have outlived so many people, and I think every human looks back at life and think, it was too fast.

I have enjoyed most jobs especially carpentry. My first house still stands (LOL). I drove every nail, mixed every batch of mortar, laid every block and dug every shovel full of dirt. I installed special electrical outlets under most windows for window A/C’s.

I enjoy working and maintaining the RVs we have had, BUT in cases like this, it is out of my pay grade. I know little about ‘hydraulics’ and cannot wrap my mind around this system, but I know I can make it worse. At least now, we can move the slide-outs in and out with me under the coach working two solenoids by hand.

I fix somethings and do not know how I did it. (I smile when I think of that). I mentioned that to grandson Josh once, he is a Microsoft+ qualified software man.  He works for a company that maintains software. He laughed and said, “Grandpa I do that at times in Software, fix things and do not know exactly how I did it.”  I smiled inside and out.

Everyone has a story, a unique one, every human is SPECIAL in their own way. (Is that a song?)

I have NEVER known anyone who was born into money. Most folks at some time have had it tough financially and pulled thru.

I have tried to imagine me in the Great Depression. My momma and daddy had some great adventures to tell about AFTER it was over. Daddy talked about having to back his A model up a hill so the gas would feed to the engine. He stuffed blown out tires with rags to keep going. Mama would laugh about adding more water to the gravy.

Life is good, everyone hits BUMPS in their road; we hit a big one a couple years back in the family, but I am finally about to learn how to handle it. ;-)

YES V, faith with prayers gets us thru. THANKS TO ALL of YOU and many more!

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Thank you all for being here…  Smile life is better (on the road)…. It is still good to be above the worms….. (and snakes)



Susan Kane said...

I love this post. It sounds so positive, adventurous. The photos were great. The hair-do is a good touch. My folks didn't talk much about the depression. they were born in 1922 and 1928. WW2 was talked about more. What a time.

Chatty Crone said...

Gosh I remember my mom wearing her hair like that.
You are right - life goes by so fast - where did it go?
My mom talked a lot about the depression.
I hope Sherri has a wonderful Mother's Day.

Mevely317 said...

What a nice compliment Colette gave ("we would not have gone anywhere if not for Sherry and Jack.). That had to make y'all feel good!

You're so right about life going by at warp speed. Just last week we attended my youngest granddaughter's wedding, and it seems she was in pre-school last week. (I've been asked not to share anything on social media just yet.)
By the way, have you seen/heard that music video by Kenny Chesney, "Don't Blink." Powerful. And the older I get, the more I can relate.
Here's a link:

Happy Mother's Day, Sherry!

yaya said...

You have a good handle on life and you have the years that produced the good and the not so good that help give wisdom. It's good to not know how to fix everything. You need to help others earn a living! Yes, time goes fast and I often think that even living a ripe old age is not long enough! Happy Mother's Day to Sherry and I wish you both fun travels!

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Best wishes to you and your family, Jack. Praying for you all.

God bless.