Saturday, April 2, 2011

Décor, quilting and Jobs (yeah again) then there was the Cadillac!


Since reading Boomer’s BlueRidge Blog I have been noticing around the hospital there are a few small quilts hung around. One small on I am looking at now is about 18”x24” and is framed and masked off. There is another with a farm scene sewn together. Don on the first deck there are two of what I could call baby blankets, hanging on the wall behind a large sheet of Plexiglas.


There are pictures all over the hospital as decorations. Some are enlarged and framed photo’s by earlier Nuns and Priests who have labored here.


I have always wondered who decided what pictures and types to hand in a place like this. There are thousands of them, and someone has to do the picking.


Lately I am thinking more and more, I am partly to blame for some jobs leaving this country, because I wanted something cheaper. While I am in a place like this I start thinking (very dangerous) If everything in this hospital was made in the USA there would be more jobs here. All the furniture, all the sheets, towels and wash cloths. Light fixtures alarms, and that is not considering all the technical equipment it takes to stock a hospital. Implements, sterilizers, refers and TV’s.


According to my cousin, the carpet is probably made in the USA. Although many carpet mills have moved out of the country there are still some left.


Being here in Motor city I get a sinking feeling. I know management got greedy and complacent, ‘no one in the world would ever come close to Ford and GM’, they thought. Them being complacent and the Unions also being greedy, ran the cost of our auto’s up, until a little company like Toyota, could catch up and out strip them. An old story of the Tortoise and the Hare, AGAIN.


Then it looks to me like management realized they needed to catch up so the easiest way to bypass the unions was go overseas, jobs did not matter to them, at that time it was profit.


And we are two faced. The Producers yell ‘BUY AMERICAN’, while they buy the parts for Ford and GM from overseas. The same double standard was shown in the cotton mills. The owners yelled don’t buy those foreign made clothes, at the same time they were buying their mill’s machines from Germany and Sweden. They did not buy American.


Now it is time for Americans to think America. Not ignore the world, but take care of us and our world, Charity begins at home. When we started giving Foreign Aid, we were a manufacturing nation, we earned our money. NOW? We are exporting Jobs and still giving Foreign aid.

Thanks for coming this way.

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I know that a lot of people do quilting and donate the quilts to hospitals. Maybe that is why they have some on the walls there...??? Quilts are very comforting and people need some comfort when they are in the hospital for sure. We are all probably guilty of buying things not made in the USA. Once I tried looking for things only made in the US and it was almost impossible to find them. It's been a quiet day here weather wise. No rain, no snow and not much sunshine either. Hope you all are doing well and John is continuing to improve.

Paula said...

I'm guilty as charged. Guilty of buying and not paying attention to where it is made.

shirl72 said...

Brother you maybe thinking to much don't tax
the brain. I can tell you the things that are
made overseas does not last as long as the one
that made in the USA. I have socks made in the
US still in tack and the ones made overseas are wearing in the toes. Blouse cheap material.
Such a shame. We made thngs so good and lasting.


betty said...

totally agree we got to stop exporting jobs. Honestly if I could find it, I would shop American but sometimes like I said before that is hard to do. I rather have four of something made American than 10 of something not. Always liked those Cadillacs (perhaps because son drives a 1993 Cadillac Seville :)


Amelia said...

There needs to be more awareness brought to this issue. I really agree with you... it would do our country a lot of good right now especially.


Cher' Shots said...

I agree with you whole heartedly about all the out-sourcing and that charity should begin at home. It's such a rat race out there ~ I just keep finding comfort in knowing that God has a plan beyond my understanding and that in the end as long as you believe in our Savior, all ends well.
'love & hugs from afar'

Rose said...

I hate outsourcing. I have never purchased a car from out of the United States!

I don't even by food shipped from other countries to ours. I had a box of clementine oranges in my hand and realized it was from Brazil and put it back on the shelf. I then selected some Manderin oranges from California instead.

I like to support the United States as much as I can.

Hugs, Rose
P.S. Love the photos of all the gorgeous cars!

Lindie said...

I watched a tv show recently where they removed everything from a home not made in the USA, Only thing left was a hand made vase! Years ago, 1993, I tried to buy an American made TV and couldn't find one. You still can't. And I insisted upon buying an American car. But after I bought it I found that the engine was made in Canada. I was upset but not too much since I was made in Canada too.

Jimmy's Journal said...

That gold caddy is neat! Buy American!

Good post, Jack

Y said...

I've been doing a bit of publicity for the Coker Creek chapter of Quilts For Kids, which makes quilts for kids in crisis and their families. Many of the quilts are given to critically ill children in hospitals.