Sunday, April 3, 2011

Let’s get it together, WE can do it.


Not only Americans, but most developed countries can buckle down and meet any crisis, if it is large enough. Do you realize that after the attack on Pearl Harbor, and we were drawn into WWII, America had to rebuild and build a Naval Fleet.


We had to build planes, jeeps, military vehicles of all types. Our engineers were innovative. If you read ‘Y’ (at: My tennesseemountainhome) you will hear of the Higgins’ boats. Landing craft that allowed us to island jump and also to land on the beaches at Normandy on D’ day.


In a period of a year we were starting to get on track BUT IT WAS NOT WITHOUT SACRIFICE BY EVERYONE IN THE USA. Oh, there were a few that did not cooperate, but I think 99% wanted to pitch in and overcome a adversary.


Some of you are old enough to remember when everything was rationed. You couldn’t buy sugar, shoes, tires, coffee and many other items without ration stamps. We did it; we bought our own bonds, US War Bonds to finance the country’s efforts. Folks moved hundreds of miles to take jobs in Defense plants. America and the World got it together and solved a major World problem.


Last week our president made an announcement I have been begging to hear, let us get busy and eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. I was thrilled when he said that. BUT THEN, yeah I know, no one likes the but’s. BUT, if I read it right by 2024 he wants to drop our dependence by 1/3. NOT ME! I want it done in six years, and not 1/3 but 100%.


YES WE CAN, I have heard that. And on this I believe we can. If we can get a plan that will work? An Area to drill in (Everywhere there is OIL), hire as many as it takes. Another pipeline, yes and in record time with everyone working together. WE can build several more refineries in less than five years. Don’t even tell me we cannot, this is no threat like WWII. This is play time, compared to all the killing, dying and war costs, this is for our survival. Come on, some of you smart guys, get a plan!!!!!

Enough all ready, Thanks for coming this way.

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          It was mealtime during an airline flight. 'Would you like dinner?' Mel asked Slim.          'What are my choices?' Slim asked.
          'Yes or no,' she replied.



I had to include this pretty 1947 Hudson. I had it extra!


Paula said...

Good entry! If they would only listen. I vote for you, Jack.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Thank you! I like to hear about how great we Americans are and can be. When it comes down to it there is no reason why not, in this great vast country, we can be independent in just about any phase of living not just the oil. When push comes to shove we like our freedom and are proud that we are Americans. Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday. It was a cool and cloudy one here. Now they say it is about to get very windy. Lots of Love and Hugs from Ohio! Take good care!

betty said...

Again I agree with you, Jack. We could do this in a remarkable amount of time. It is ridiculous to say do it in a longer period of time than a shorter one. There is manpower out there just "itching" to work.

My mom talked a lot about rationing during WW2, but everyone did make the effort to get involved, we could do that again! But will we???


Amelia said...

Yeah something has got to give...


Y said...

You are so right. We could rebuild our own economy while, once again, saving the world. That's what I call win-win. If only we had a few more cut from the cloth of Andrew Jackson Higgins...

Cher' Shots said...

It would be great if all got on the same wavelength with us about this dependency on foreign oil. And as promises keep pouring out of that big 'White House' nothing seems to change for the better. Change - yes, Better - no! LOVE the pics and your little P.S. ditty!
'love & hugs from afar'

Lucy said...

I agree with you Jack. I remember the rationing of sugar, I think Coffee and much more. Believe it or not I was just young enough that I don't remember a whole lot.