Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Short timers, Gas, Diesel & Detroit City & Early Sports cars (some unknown)


What is gas where you are? We passed a station one morning the price was $3.39 That evening it was $3.85. The next morning it was $3.59. Today it is $3.85. Diesel is hanging right at $4 a gallon. Funny (not haha funny), we paid about $400 to come up here from Florida. Now the trip back to NC, much shorter distance, will cost a little over $400. Yep, I guess we will park our home for awhile. Or until we buy one of the wells they are drilling near Paula. Haha


I wish the president had never said we need gas to be at least $4, so we will be forced to find alternate fuels. Surely we are searching for alternate fuels. But until then we are gonna use OIL. Because most of us will not, or cannot go out and buy a new Hydrogen car at $112,000. I am not gonna buy a hybred (yet).



I think if I were to look for a good cheap operating vehicle I would get a smart car. (We could just go to the Villages in Florida, where you can live with a golf cart.)


In the military, when a guy’s enlistment was coming to a close, he started what was known as a ‘Short-timers calendar’. It is funny how the last ten days would drag by. Over the years I have found life has a lot of situations like that. Remember as a kid? How time dragged from December 1 until CHRISTMAS.


Or that all important 13th birthday so you could be a teen ager. I thought my 16th birthday would never get here (driver’s license).


Then I could not wait for my 18th birthday so I forged a birth certificate to join the USMC. Then after getting in, I could hardly wait to get out. Usually I am not so anxious to leave a place, but I am ready to leave Detroit.


Do you remember the country song :

Home folks think I’m Big in Detroit city.

From the letters I write they think I’m fine.

By day I make the cars, By nite I make the bars,

If only they could read between the lines,

I wanna go home, I wanna go home,

Oh how I want to go home.

Well I have been singing that lately. Hahahahahahaha


Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog


Talking about Detroit! Remember Johnny Cash’s: ‘one piece at a time, that didn’t cost him a dime?’

many pieces


Man who wants pretty nurse, must be patient.


Passionate kiss, like spider web, leads to undoing of fly.


Lady who goes camping must beware of evil intent.



BlueRidge Boomer said...

On the East side of town gas is...$3.71. On the west side of town it is $3.59 and WalMart is somewhere in between.....i think they change the price on the hour...!!
More snow flurries today and i have one more bead in the jar..

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It's the same here and all of it costs too much. The trouble is that because gas costs so much everything else is going up too. It's getting warmer here and by the weekend it should be in the 60's they say. Only 10 more days til camping season begins for me!

Paula said...

All that oil activity here and gas is $3.63 today. It got so cool last night the heater came on at five this morning.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, many many times i did count last days ... thank you for the memories. over here, prices do change as well on a daily base. a bit strange indeed.
please have you all a safe road ahead and a good wednesday too.

shirl72 said...

We are ready to have you back home. Our weather
is suppose to warm up we are hoping. I try to get things done with one trip. I have paid
$3.59 for gas. I keep my tank full and when it go down a forth I stop and fill up again. I fool
myself thinking I am not spending much on gas.


betty said...

You guys have been up there for quite a bit of time; I'm sure you are ready to move on when you realize the time is right to do so!

Gas here, after all it is California, is $4.09 for regular, $4.19 for premium, $4.29 for super premium and I think diesel is about $4.39. I do look to see what diesel is doing usually and think of you and Sherry; I see what super premium is doing since that is what son has to put in his Cadillac.

The costs of hybrids can be so prohibitive; makes you wonder in the long run if it is worth it


Lucy said...

Love your entry today. I think you are normal and I like normal, but a little off thee waLL once in a while. I bet you are ready to leave Detroit. Do you see that happening soon??

Jean said...

Good morning Jack and Sherry. The gas prices keep going up and down here. I try to catch it down before I fill up the car and truck we haven't been driving much so it don't take much gas , but when it' cost $3.59 a gallon (about the cheapest)It usually take $50.00 are more to fill up. We had a thunder storm Monday night and since then it has been cool hear. Hope you have a nice day.