Saturday, April 9, 2011

Shirl’s RV Park

We arrived at Shirl’s mid afternoon. She came out to greet us, and tell us the rates had been raised from $2 a day to $2.25. Things are tough since prices went up. LOL

The place is beautiful, She has all the limbs picked up that blew down in the storm, grass is cut and bushes trimmed. Great to come home to a beautiful park.

To answer Mel’s question. I am one tough dude, but not as tough as Slim, I did ask Sherry her opinion before I said YES on the house.

We looked at our soon to be house/home for the first time. Pictures do not tell the whole story, I have been around long enough to know that. But we are satisfied with the outside.

Too much yard work FOR US THOUGH, Shirl would love it. Funny I was looking at the property lines, not exactly sure where they would be. A little later the neighbor started cutting his grass, he started about where I had been looking. Sherry said, “He is showing you where the line is.” YEP.

We were in the car about the time he started or I would have went out to talk to him.

We know the folks across the street! Didn’t realize it until after we agreed to buy it. How great is it to be named Wacker? That is his name, Wacker Carver is 85 now, we had a good talk. He said ,”You will like it here, it is quiet.”

“Not any more, if Sherry moves in!” said I.

We all had a good laugh while standing in the road, that gives you an idea of the traffic. haha!

Good trip, except for the fuel, that is. We saw two accidents, both motorcycle wrecks and they were about a mile apart. Don’t know the injuries.

The drive thru the Smokies was great as usual. Yes Spring actually LIVES!

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Shipslog

PS: Know how to tell if a woman is really ANGRY:


She sure knew how to decorate an Audi! She bought the picks with a check from their joint bank account.


Paula said...

Are you two settling down or did I misunderstand?

Helen said...

Does this mean that you two will not be hiking that trail this year? Helen

Anonymous said...

a promise in the making !

all the very best for you two, a wonderful sunday as well.

Woody said...

You back where its WARM ? We are getting up into the high 50's and sunshine, we have a ways to go, April here is our rainy month.
Glad you were able to leave and feel confortable with it. Keeping you in our prayers.

Gary & Anna Mae.

Jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry glad you made it south and that Johnny is doing better.The house looks nice maybe you want have to much work to do on it. You'll have it ready to live in know time. Take care, Jean.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think your RV park rates can't be beat. Sounds like you are going to be busy for a good long while. Glad you found tried to get here today but didn't quite make it. Maybe tomorrow.

betty said...

I'm with Paula; are you guys settling down again? Or just taking on a project for a bit? Sounds like a friendly neighborhood though!

glad you guys made it back home safe and sound!!


Lucy said...

Are you and Sherry finally settling down? After our 90 degree temps yesterday, go where the weather is the best. No extreme highs and no extreme lows. Like Ne. and Wisconsin and Michigan. Ma, we found summer yesterday way before it's time.