Monday, April 11, 2011

Things are getting tough all over.


We are going to have to use the Air Conditioner if it gets warmer. Things are looking good here. We went to Hardees with the Old folk, some were missing. We met with Don & Evelyn had a good visit. They came back from Florida early. The County is paving their road, and Don had to come home to supervise.


Tonight is the Climax Mill reunion at Cat fish Cove Fish Camp. Around here that means fish restaurant, not a place to camp and fish. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know, it is just what we have always called them. There are a bunch around here.


The place is too noisy for me, so I will skip it. Sherry’s brother Vernon is one of the standing entertainers for the evening.


(Can I come in now?)

Also the Shipslog maybe quiet for a few days while we re taking the time to take care of business. Our car has not been washed in 3 months. The motor home hasn’t been washed since November.  Just a lot to things to do.


(I should have been first I am one of the grand dogs!)

I will be reading Blogs , just not too active for awhile. This will be the first time I can remember, taking a break. Y’all will just have to be short all my wisdom hahahahahaha!


Take care and thanks for coming this way,


Nite Shipslog


You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive more than once.



Lucy said...

You and Sherry take care and don't overdo. Shirl said you will be about 2 miles from her. About time you settled down. I don't expect an answer, just had to comment.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm sure it feels good to be away from the cold north and the hospital too. Even though you had to leave John behind there. I used to take breaks when I'd go camping as I didn't have my verison internet then, but now I don't have to. Will miss your comments but know sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. Take good care!

Paula said...

You actually wash your car? John hasn't learned to do that yet.

Anonymous said...

the last picture made me nearly loughing out loud - please have you all a good time and a wonderful week ahead.

Dar said...

Glad you made it home safe and sound. Take that long much deserved break. God knows you two deserve it. Will watch for you, for you cannot hide for long...we will find you. Really, do enjoy your retreat. Loveyouguys from our colder but finally warming North

shirl72 said...

You deserve a break look forward to seeing
you in the yard. Maybe a little rain tomorrow.


betty said...

enjoyed all the pictures of the dogs, but I was looking for a corgi :)

blogging breaks are always good; I say don't worry about reading them either, just get done the things that need to be done!!

and when you are through washing your car and motorhome, come on over, got some here you can wash too!


Ally Lifewithally said...

Your pictures are absolutely lovely ~ especially the first one :O) Ally x

Fred Alton said...

OMGoodness! I'm gone for just a few hours and here you are back in the south, parking at Shirl's for $2.25 per day! Lands sakes. I've been out to the cabin today - fighting the rats! One tried to come in the front door while brother Wil and I were eating a deer burger!!! I set two traps and put down six glue boards. I'll have to go back and check them by Saturday to see if that's going to be effective. Never used glue boards before. Have you?

If you can float a loan big enough to buy fuel, be sure and come back over to TN for awhile. We love having you and Sherry around.

Jimmy's Journal said...

Those are some funny animal pictures Jack. Good job and great post. We all need to rest now and then.


Sandy said...

Love the dog pictures....the muddy dog is splendid...our dog would do something like that
when there is mud from the rain in our backyard here in High Point, NC
Thanks for your always witty and picture filled blogs....
Sandy in NC

Amelia said...

Take your break and come back soon!!!!


Rose said...

You can take a break but not for long because I will miss you!

Hugs, Rose

Woody said...

Take a Break ! Enjoy the Time, we are still cold, damp and rain, AND its going to Snow again, trying to stay busy, I am helping try to get the High School Alumni Banquet going, I sent out as many contacts as I had and told everyone to spread the word.

Other wise still waiting for Spring.

God Bless & Take Care;

Gary & Anna Mae

Amelia said...

You have an award in my blog

Lucy said...

I hope you and Sherry make it back soon cause Joe says I am picking on him. Of course you know I would never do that.? You are missed, I see by other comments. Take care.

Anonymous said...

ok...what bit of "mischief" are you getting Sherry into today??? LOLOL...oh and before I forget..."it is raining" again here in KY...the yard is squishy when you walk in the grass..and as usual...all this rain is bringing out some of our famous NOT critters...water bugs big enough to drag a dog away...small snakes squirming for Princess to run after and play with for a while...oh and "termites"...but the old "Orkin" man will take care of them...see life goes thang after anuther!!! but I have my trusty books to read...right now I am reading "Water for Elephants"...if you haven't read is a good book...!!!! ok..I am off to make oatmeal and toast for the other person here and myself...and after that who knows???? and hugs from Kentucky

Woody said...

Just checking in to let you know we are thinking about you 2 !

Gary & Anna Mae