Sunday, April 10, 2011


We got down here into spring, and the first thing we hear is ‘Tornado Warnings’.

The first thing some folk think, it is gonna hit us, I always say, It ain’t gonna hit here. I may be wrong someday, but so far the bullet has struck elsewhere.  I am an eternal optimist! (most of the time. LOL)

Near wrecks never bother me, after the fact. I have slow reactions and by the time I am supposed to be scared, the danger has passed. and it is too late to be scared.

Once on I-95 a car passed me and just about 50’ ahead he hit the center retaining wall spun across the lanes in front of us twice and ended up on the right side shoulder. Strange, it was a very busy highway and he hit no one. I am sure he was not hurt, but shook-up. I knew I was not gonna hit him, I had already cut my speed. When I saw the danger was passed, and what direction he was going, I was fine. 


CVA 62 USS Independence

Sherry asked me once what I would do if the ship I was on would sink?  Immediately I said, “I’d swim home to you!”

So, we just got a call, we are about to go look at the new house, report on the next lines……………………

Like any advertisements you do not see the bad side, or things would never sell. Here is the entrance to the den; there is a fire place in it. BUT there is a step down inside, never a good thing to be below ground level. But we can handle it.


There are two major draw backs.. Sherry says the wall paper will have to go. But after hearing Sonya removing wall paper, I might just paint it, you can do that can’t you?

The other small thing is that door at the end of the room goes into another bedroom, not good to go thru the master br to get to it. solution? Possibly tear the wall out and make one giant master bedroom. Then it becomes a 2BR, not bad.


Another SLIGHT DRAWBACK the door below goes straight by a tub shower on the left into a bathroom (commode & Vanity) Problem is just inside that door to the right is the other bathroom???????  Yep Shown below.


See below, Here you are standing just inside the door above, looking straight ahead you see the one bathroom the tub on your left you cannot see you are standing beside it. if you look to your right you immediately see the master bathroom, Makes sense right? From any place in the house to get to either bathroom you must go thru the master bedroom.  Slight problem here'.  But, yeah I think we can solve it, with a little ingenuity and work.hallbathmbath

Now to the important stuff. Two storage buildings, in fair shape. A large carport for a boat or small camper, just not big enough for our Motor home.  Little challenge here.


There is a whole house fan, as you see below in the ceiling. Not to bad, I sorta like that to draw fresh air thru open windows. Also would help if I burned something in the kitchen, hahahaah! Wonder why the border was dropped from the ceiling level? The box on the right is gas logs I think, I didn’t look close figured they were taking them out.from living room wall


Those will be our Leland Cyprus growing into the road And our wild shrubs going wild up front. Just past the Cyprus trees are about 5 or 6 houses, then a dead end at a house that is appraised at 1.2 million. Quite a mixture of houses.


However in the front yard is two big beautiful dogwood trees, and one huge oak about 36” thru maybe 48”.

Draw back here? yeah, leaves. hahahahaha But advantage is shade in the summer.005

It has a nice mail box this is a dead end street also with a couple houses on it. So it is a quiet neighborhood. I could not tell the lay of the land before, but now I know it falls away, the direction you are looking past the mail box.

But all in all we are satisfied, we expected some work.

And we got it.

Thanks for stopping by the log,

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My wife told me the car wasn't running well

because there was water in the carburetor.


I asked where the car was. She told me, "In the lake."..

8. She got a mud pack and looked great for two days.

Then the mud fell off..


How to tell if a woman is REALLY MAD!



Paula said...

Now that doesn't sound like you thinking you MIGHT burn something in the kitchen. you're an optimist, remember? I was with my daughters Friday and one of them almost rolled it. She did some good driving and was thankful she had just bought new tires. Surprisingly they were more shook up then me. Its usually the other way round.

Woody said...

Place looks pretty good except for those stripes in the wall paper, I never had good luck trying to paint wall paper until I found out you had to use something like Binz Primer to seal it so it didn't bleed.
Other wise looks pretty nice.

Lucy said...

How far from Shirl's is this place? Sounds like she will be doing your yard work, since she has such a pretty yard. It looks like it would be peaceful, but that wall paper would drive my eyes crazy.Apparently Sherry feels the same. It is almost unheard of here not to have a basement, but not uncommon in the south?? What I can see of the front it looks very nice. Where is the kitchen?? Nosey, aren't I.?

Ken Riches said...

Looks cozy, hope you settle in quickly.

Glenda said...

There are a number of positives about the new place, quiet area, love the trees! You could
enlarge the master and use that 3rd bedroom space for a "sitting room" with your computers and some comfy chairs for kicking back to read a good book.
Wallpaper, umm...have seen it painted and the seams do show..also if it starts to peel/blister
from the paint application it's a real mess. I've saturated a paint roller in a bucket of water and soaked the paper, if you catch an edge with a putty knife you can ususally lift it away while it's damp. Maybe it's that strippable stuff that comes prepasted, if so it's easier to remove.
So glad you have a project to keep u busy :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks great there. Yes, I've painted over wall paper and so far I've not regretted it. I am lazy but still it looks ok. Strange set up with the baths. I'm thinking another doorway must be needed some place, same with the other bedroom. I know you'll have it fixed up in no time. Just take it easy and don't try to do it all in one day. It reached 80 here today and storms are moving in our way. So far no weather warnings. I hope it stays that way. It'll be down to 70 tomorrow and then back in the 50's which is more likely normal. It seemed it got greener by the minute outside today. Everything was just waiting for some warmth.

Bookncoffee said...

Awesome!!!! Looks great. Yeah, you can always figure out a way to make it your own. You CAN paint over wall paper. I hope the seem of that topper does not show through though. Can you get the wall paper topper off, then paint? I would truly help you all if I was close to you. I'd get that wall paper off! lol And we'd eat well too b/c I'd bring George! lol

Anonymous said...

this looks really beautiful to me. thank you for this nice escape ! plese have you all a good new week.

betty said...

I'm with Sherry, that wallpaper has got to go! But you know, I lived in a house for five years (we ended up moving) and the first thing I said when we looked at the house was "that wallpaper has got to go". And you know what, five years it was still there! Now what I wonder is if the person who bought the house from us, who also said "that wallpaper has got to go" made it go, LOL.

I think you have a challenge ahead, but I think you guys can make it work the way you want it to work with your skill and knowledge and the two of you working on it together. It sounds like a wonderful adventure for the two of you in this season of your life! Looks like a lot of land too; always a plus I think!


Jean said...

Hi Jack and Sherry, looks like a nice place and you will have it looking great. I don't think I would like the strip wallpaper, but you could try painting one room and if it looked okay do the rest. lol.If I understand you can now get paint with primer in it. We have paneling in our family room, and four or five years ago we painted it white and to me it looks house was built the last of 1963. We see the before can't wait to see the after. Good luck and hope you all don't have any bad weather.

shirl72 said...

It is a nice place, some work love the yard
It is always nice to have the sitting room close
to the kitchen. Glad you will be close to me.
Let's get started and get-her-done.

PS: Sherry and I helped you renovate the flat we are good workers but are older and don't
work cheap because we have experienced.


B. Knox said...

I once did a 360 (accidentally) on Hwy # 1, south of Raleigh. It didn't shake me up too bad at the moment. (Scared my husband - oh, well, you reap what you sow, huh?)
However, that evening when we made the return trip, the import of what could have happen had registered with me, and I asked my husband to drive us home.

B. Knox said...

And I like your new digs. I agree the layout is strange, but I like the trees and shrubs and the dead end street.

Fred Alton said...

WoW! Jack and Sherry? Are you really buying (or maybe have already bought) a house? That's something new. I ran through many blogs and saw that you had arrived back at Shirl's RV park - now found this one. Hope everything goes just as you want it to go. Love and appreciate you two.

Amelia said...

Yeah, that wallpaper has to go lol... it's hideous! Good luck fixing it up, it does have potential. By the way, I would totally freak out in a car wreck.. . but that's just me.