Monday, April 4, 2011

Wrong to burn the Koran? MY opinion (CAUTION:You may be offended).

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SOMALI MUSLIMS BEHEAD four ex-Muslim Christian Orphanage Workers

Posted: August 26, 2010 |

Four Christians working in Somalia to provide services to orphans have been executed by beheading by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists who told their families that this is the penalty for apostasy.

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Upfront, I think the person burning the Koran is stupid and ignorant. He is unthinking and is akin to the fools who post signs at funerals that say THANK GOD FOR IED’S and GOD LOVES DEAD SOLDIERS.


In the wake of the burning of the Koran and the deaths of innocent people to protest the president of Afghanistan has said this:

Karzai has called on the international community to repudiate acts of Quran desecration and other acts that are offensive to the faiths of others and punish those responsible for the burning, spokesman Waheed Omar said.


I am in basic agreement; do we start with his countrymen who have burned thousands of Holy Bibles with government permission? And what is the punishment he suggests? In the Muslim mind (my understanding) is that beheading is the proper punishment for desecrating the Koran. Is he willing to make that the same punishment for his country men who burn the Holy Scriptures we hold dear?


Personally I like it when we can come to some agreement worldwide on any subject, but in this one we will never come to an agreement. WE in the free world would never agree to sentence someone to death for burning a book. At best we would make it a misdemeanor not a felony. The Muslims could never live with this.


Even though they treat the Holy Bible with NO RESPECT, it is thrown in the trash and/or burned; they would never put someone to death for that action.


Cousin Ken, who lived and worked in Saudi Arabia for a few years, gives this insight. There are extreme penalties for possessing a Holy Bible in Saudi. The penalty can be death. To his knowledge any Westerner bringing a Bible thru customs would have the Bible confiscated and thrown in the trash on the spot. Someone from the islands may be jailed immediately. You cannot openly possess a Holy Bible there. One cannot wear any Christian or Jewish religious jewelry. There are no exceptions. Display a Holy Bible and it will be confiscated and punishment meted out.


It seems we Christians can mix with every known religious group except Muslims. IT is like oil and water, it will not mix.

As proud as I am about the statements of the president of Afghanistan, I know it is platitudes to try to defuse a terrible action. He could never get the Muslim worlds agreement on this.

I agree that all Muslims do not hold to the strict teachings of the Koran, many Christians do not hold to the strict teachings of Jesus. What I am waiting for is a List of Muslim countries who are condemning these acts of violence claiming retribution for the burning. I am looking for a head line saying:

 WE Muslims are a Peace loving, non violent People who condemn these men as terrorists.


(This lawyer in Australia smokes tobacco wrapped in pages from the Bible and Koran, we might could kill him twice)

Our President has gone on record condemning this preacher for burning the Koran, even though it is stupid and ignorant it is not against the law. The man did not kill anyone, he burned a book, albeit, a sacred book, it is still a book. The killers are the ones who attacked and killed men who were innocent of such an act. These weren’t books they were human lives, HUMAN LIVES!

Please forgive such a long entry. I am sick of stupidity and also Misdirected Violence.

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War does not determine who is right, it determines who is left.

Sometimes I get sick of stupidity. John Wayne said:  “Life is tough, it is tougher when you are STUPID”


Lucy said...

I will just say that so called minister, who I understand is not really a minister said he would not burn the Koran then waited until their was such widespread violence in Egypt, Lybia and all over . I think he just wanted to incite more violence and draw attention to himself and he succeeded in that. Aside from saying that, no comment. It is to deep for a 81 year old lady.

Anonymous said...

When will they ever know .. when will they ever know ...

shirl72 said...

We seem to apolize to everyone even when they
are wrong. We should have some strict laws and
inforce them. We also welcome everyone into our
Country. Looks like people can damage our Bible with no consequences. They will get theirs
at the end. I would like to see the lawyer smoking his cigar get his now. I like what
John Wayne said about STUPID.


Dar said...

It's already so terrible, what about our children and theirs. What will it be like for them in our mixed up, unequal world. Like Shirl says, they will get theirs. It's so sad so many innocents will suffer in the meantime. It's difficult to wait even tho we know God will prevail. Give us strength and God Bless America.

betty said...

It is sad with all involved, the burning of the book, innocent people killed, people working against each other instead of with each other. I'm sure Jesus is just shaking his head.......


Amelia said...

It's not right to burn any Holy book. These things are precious to people and doing so is a complete act of disrespect. I don't care what country it is... I also have Muslim friends and Islam overall is a peaceful religion. There are just extremist in that religion as well as many others.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I just discovered that today is GOLDEN RULE day. May Peace and Golden Rule Prevail on Earth

Cher' Shots said...

When so much evil is displayed it's sometimes hard to stay focused. Keep calling on the promises of God. HE will not be mocked (as is stated in Gal 6:7) HIS plan will be known to all in due time.
'love & hugs from afar'