Sunday, April 27, 2014

Family time in GITMO

Aboard Gitmo there were horses to ride, boats to rent, bowling alley, out door theaters, a golf course, little league, and the thing that took our boys by storm, Moto Cross.  At the time I had a Honda scooter I rode to work sometimes. The boys wanted to enter the moto-cross race for kids, using it. After that,  they were bit by the motorcycle bug.

Fence line GITMO0006

We were scheduled for leave to come home and visit the folks so while home we visited Motorcycle shops. the boys fell in love with the little Yamaha 80, so we bought two; having NO IDEA how we would get them to Gitmo. I also bought a Bultaco bike for me, from Tucker.We headed back a day early to try to find a ship to bum space on for the bikes.

Fortunately I found a supply ship headed for Gitmo for refresher training. I went aboard to talk to the Supply chief. I introduced myself and asked him how he would like a car, full of gas at his disposal while in Gitmo?

Unheard of, he smiled and said what di I have to do? I explained and he said I think I can do that.

He got a crane operator and lifted the bikes aboard and I breathed  a sigh of relief. At that time we had a Bonneville, a 1950 Chevy and a 1963 Corvair. I let the Chief have the Corvair. He was one happy guy.

Fence line GITMO0004Fence line GITMO0005 - CopyFence line GITMO0005Fence line GITMO0007New Folder (2) 014New Folder (2) 019

I never raced the Bultaco, but I did run with the boys when they were practicing.

New Folder (2) 020New Folder (2) 084scans GITMO 013scans GITMO 020

Moto Cross became the center of our lives for family fun. I was the pit crew. Now I am the protective type. The boys were going to WRECK, sometimes, I knew that.  Every race at a tangle or wreck the boys were in I went running. It got so the crowd would yell “Go DAddy!”

But I gotta tell this: First race of Marks age group he was doing well on the new Yamaha, then I saw him go down single bike crash. I went running. I was not the first there, another sailor had already checked him out, Mark was dusting himself off and looked at me as he got back on the bike, “Dad, WHAT IS MY FAMILY JEWELS?”

I grinned, “I’ll tell you after the race, get out of here,” and he was off.”

Naturally I knew the guy before me had asked him if he had hurt his family jewels.Surprised smile.

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This could go on for days, so I think I will start cutting GITMO short, maybe two more posts.



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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

From the looks of the boys in the pictures your family is growing up some. Glad you all found something to enjoy as a family. It's a beautiful Spring day here but still cool in the 50's. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday there!

betty said...

They were successful in their motor cross adventures! I wonder, do they still have the trophies?

Good deal you made to get the bikes to GITMO; wise thinking on your part!



What a clever way to get the motorcycles there. Sounds like you and the kids had a great time using them.

Jean said...

The boys look like they're really enjoying the new bikes. Glad you made the deal to get them there. It looks like we're in for some more wet weather here. Take care. Jean

Chatty Crone said...

Oh my goodness your boys grew up - I was expecting little ones.

Mevely317 said...

Laugh out loud, Jack!
Was Mark like embarrassed for days after? Poor guy!

Sherry looks both so carefree and delighted in this picture. Memories are the best!

Paula said...

Where there is a will there is a way and Jack found it for his boys. Mommy Sherry looks pretty cute in her big hat.

Annesphamily said...

Jack you and Sherry did a great job with your boys! These stories make me smile.