Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The New Hope Church of God

Sherry and I looked at the old frame house. It had running water and electricity possibilities. We could live in it with a good out-house.  It had been abandoned for years, so we started making plans to clean it up and move if back off the road.

New Hope rough

(Rough plans, the original garage is in black, red is additional foot print, YES I got a building permit!)

Both our boys thought it was cool planning to live in a house with an outhouse. We were all enjoying the adventure. I have always enjoyed my work, so the building and fixing up the house was fun. But come September JACK got in big trouble. I did not quit work until late. I forgot our anniversary and showed up late besides. OUCH.

But forgiving, Sherry is  Embarrassed smile, by Christmas she had most forgotten all about it. Flirt femaleSurprised smile

We did not spend  much money on the house because we had plans to add to the church.  We were going to do a dual purpose addition after we got the church started. We would first live in the addition and later build a detached parsonage.

Mark Sherry Jack Jack jr

These are the only pictures I can find now, this was before any landscaping.

NewHope COG Mark Jack

This was a new wrinkle. We were fortunate two or three churches of our denomination had members in the area and gave us their blessings if those members wished to join with us.  The Robbie Hicks , Hubert Duncan  and Grady Allen Families were from one church and were there for the first service and became charter members.

They were all absolutely wonderful folk and remained at the New Hope Church long after I was gone. The Hicks family did not own a car. They walked thru the woods for every service. Sister Hicks is the last charter member in that area still attending, among the hundreds who have been and gone. They were all friends for life. They all remained much more faithful than I,  to a church they had helped birth.

I don’t remember a funeral at New Hope. But I do remember the one Marriage. Steve Thompson came to take Linda Allen to be his wife.   They later moved to SC following work and Steve has a good career with Duke Power.

stevelinda wedding 013stevelinda wedding 021

This entry is so unique,we had dinner with Steve, Linda and Mazie (Allen), here in Anderson, SC, last Sunday.  It is Mazie’s 87th birthday on April 15th. she was a charter member of the New Hope church. She is still a beautiful lady, lives alone and manages very well. It was such a joy to see her again.

Oh yes, and Jackie Jr. entered the first grade at the New Hope elementary school.

scanoldpic7 041

Sherry taking Jackie for his first day at school. We were still at Dad & Mom’s cabin on the camp ground. Note the wagon wheel in the back ground. One of those he was so proud of that I hauled from Missouri.

Sherry was now working so Mark and I spent a lot of time together with Jack Jr. in School.

Thanks for coming by the log.

Nite Ships log.


We had the world by the tail, the church was growing pretty fast from 12-15 to start, we were up to 50 and climbing.


3 quarter view 1964 Thunderbird1964%2BChrysler%2BNew%2BYorker%2B4%2BDoor%2BSalon%2BHardtop%2B5

The T-bird                 The Chrysler Salon


The amazing 1964 1/2 Mustang


The 1964 Pontiac Goat, And one of my all time favorites the amazing Corvair. (Nasty's to Nader)


Glenda said...

Love this trip down memory lane, Sherry looks beautiful! What amazing ability you have to bring the past to life!!!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I loved the picture of Sherry taking your son off to his first day of school. What a forgiving and loving wife you were blessed with.

betty said...

How neat the church is "still standing" so to speak and with a charter member still attending! That was a cute picture of Sherry accompanying Jack Jr. to school. Great adventures you all have had!



What a nice church. You must have been so proud to start this. I think it is quite a blessing to be able to join people together in matrimony.

shirl72 said...

Love Sherry's shoes and her purse.
Mother had to have her purse with
her. When I drive by The Church Parsonage and fellowship hall looks good.

To go back when Jack, Jr. had his first day os school that seems
such a long time ago. Years are fleeting.

Paula said...

Wow Sherry is a knock out. Did your outhouse have a black widow spider? Ours did and I don't know why Daddy didn't kill it. Guess it was our pet. We had a Hicks family in our town. They were a big family and had a set of twins named Bernice and Beatrice but no one could tell them apart so everyone called them the Hicks Twins. They were always together.

~mel said...

I love your blog! ... and you and the little mrs:) As my Daddy would say, "they're good folks".

Mevely317 said...

I figured Sherry for a 'super-woman' all along ... now, seeing as she willingly moved into a house with no indoor toilet, I'm convinced!

That shot of the 4 of you ... Sherry wearing a corsage is lovely! Sort of a shame, isn't it, that corsage's have gone out of fashion?

Louis la Vache said...

That's a nice looking little church, Jack! :-)

The Chrysler New Yorker Salon was a limited production car, even more deluxe than the regular New Yorker, which in itself was a very well-appointed car.

«Louis» is with you in giving nasties to Nader! The Corvair could have been an American Porsche.

Chatty Crone said...

What I love going thru your life with you - remember the show - This is Your Life? Love it.

Gee didn't we dress up back then - just go take a child to the first day at school - now you should see what parents wear!!!!!! lol