Friday, April 25, 2014

Life in Paradise

Some folk refer to Key West, as paradise. But having lived both places for  a few years, I pick GITMO!

For one thing, 99% of the days are beautiful, AND fishing is great. We and three more couples went together and bought a Barrel Boat (Pontoon boat with pontoons of Barrels), wow the fun we had aboard the ‘Red Snapper’. Many days Sherry and I would spend our lunch hour aboard where it was tied up (just us). Our favorite lunch was splitting a Ham and Swiss on rye, with a mixture of mustard and mayo on the bread. We would share a bag of Fritos and a Pepsi. Lunch was so relaxing and SWEET.

GITMO 2 scan0022

(This a shot on the boat, not lunch of course, things were casual in Gitmo, but she did not wear shorts to work Surprised smile)

The joys of our stay are innumerable. Swimming, snorkeling and picnicking.

There is a Marine base aboard as everyone knows now, but then they manned the gate and fence line. I mentioned before we were surrounded by a live landmine field. The mine fields were fenced with huge warning signs. In our time there no one was ever hurt by a mine.

One of the things to do was take a fence line tour. So we did. WE loaded aboard a couple 6x6 USMC trucks and rode the fence line. This is the Gate that leads into Cuba. The only folks using this gate was 150 ‘commuters’ who entered and left every day.

Fence line GITMO0002

There wasn’t much to see, but it was  something different to do. What you see below is the majority of the trip.

Fence line GITMO0003 - Copy

This is one of the guard posts overlooking the fence line.

Fence line GITMO0001

Below is the Gate again going into Camanero, Cuba.

Fence line GITMO0003

WE had a huge Banyan tree behind our second home in GITMO. I built a BBQ grill, Bar and deck out back. PO3 Dave Bottoms was visiting this day and Jack had Grouch. Jack still tells folks he once had a dog that could climb a tree. Grouch did climb this one.

GITMO 2 scan0008

Down near Ferry landing is this monument a tribute to Christopher Columbus who landed here after Discovering America.

GITMO 2 scan0017

More on life in paradise next time. As you can see for us, requesting duty here, was a very wise move.

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Nite Shipslog


Sherry and I talk about how life must have changed on GITMO with the building of the Famous or Infamous Prison, out on the USMC site.


I regret not having found any pictures of our GITMOBILES, BUT I hope to before this series is done.


My good friend Dallas Fletcher had an Olds like this at Camp Lejeune.


Paula said...

This is so interesting. I'm glad you decided to write all about it. Sherry looks so cute sitting in that boat.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It does sound like a peaceful and pleasant place to be. Before hearing you talk about Gitmo I thought otherwise for sure. What wonderful memories for the two of you.


you certainly got to see the world being in the service.

betty said...

Kids were growing up! Somehow I had them younger than their pictures when you were down there. I think I would have taken that fence tour too, just to see what was on the other side.


shirl72 said...

Very interesting read You have seen
the world the good and the bad.
I hope you can find some pictures
of your Gitmobiles. Did you give
it this name or is that what the
transportation was called?

Annesphamily said...

So interesting! I also love all the classic cars you share here! My son-in-law is a native of those Florida Keys. I love the stories he shares and will have to do a post about him one of these days. His grandparents were interesting folks so I want to share them here. Have a great weekend!

Lucy said...

You and Sherry have lived a rewarding life and still are. Looks like you were both suited for it. I an glad I took time to comment. I am slowing down for sure. Don't get enough comment time.

Mevely317 said...

This may sound stupid, but I'm imagining that fence tour must have felt rather sad? In the mid 70's my 'ex' and I had occasion to visit Haiti; I'll never forget the words of a fellow tourist: Every American teenager needs to see this with their own eyes.

BTW, what's that snapshot in your hand at the Banyan tree? :)

Chatty Crone said...

It was a wise move that very few knew about!