Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Not every thing went perfectly!

School kids in the military are no different than other kids. So Jack Jr. and a couple boys figured it would be fun if they rigged the door to their class room with a smoke bomb. When the teacher opened the door the next day he set off a green smoke bomb.

Embarrassing? Yes! Jack was grounded for life. Well, we all got over that. That was one big bump.

GITMO 2 scan0003

Santa at the MOto Cross track


Remember the tinsel Christmas trees?

Son Mark (above on the left) had the worse timing. He was sick several Christmases.


Our taxi in and out of GITMO and below the boys inside our last home in GITMO.

GITMO 2 scan0015gtmoa scan0004

Outside our last house on Gitmo.

gtmoa scan0001

All the married guys knew this feeling. I caught this guy when he met his wife coming aboard GITMO after his long wait for housing. What a feeling.

gtmoa scan0005

Clowning by the president of the Moto Cross Club before giving out trophies


My main man Wayne Hodge, He worked for me in Gitmo, and when I got to a paygrade I could request someone to worked for me, he is the one I asked for. Good guy Wayne Hodge.


Below, Sherry with Les and Gail Maifield, still friends (Christmas cards with family updates)


One never knew what to expect on the roads in Gitmo.

And yes, there was the BARREL BOAT.


Let me tell you my sad story!!!

I was on a men’s bowling league with a couple of the guys that shared ownership of the Red Snapper (the barrel boat). We were bowling late the night before Thanksgiving. I had invited several guys out for Thanksgiving dinner. As I was leaving Sherry asked me to Turn the oven off at midnight when I got in, the turkey would be done by then.

During the league bowling  Chief Pierce  mentioned going to Leeward point to pick up a friend who was having dinner with them the next day. The ferries did not run after 9pm. So the idea of the Red Snapper came up. So we all headed for the boat. I forgot all about the turkey.

I got home at 4am, and smelled Turkey when I opened the door. OH LORDY, IT IS BURNED AND I AM IN TROUBLE.

Sherry made a nice Thanksgiving meal for the troops. She was very pleasant and sweet to everyone (‘cept me, the one in the dog house). She was more burned than the Turkey, and I knew she had every right to be. I apologized at least 10,213 times.  Begged forgiveness, and she did forgive me (after a year of so). But it was no fun being me for awhile, let me tell you!

But as always, she did forgive, I do have a winner, and I know it.  Even today there are times I am wrong, and know it.  She is still sweet.

Now, I think that is the worst I have ever messed up, but that was bad enough, and I am still sorry for such a stupid thing.

Thanks for stopping by the log and sharing our time in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Nite Shipslog


I don’t know about you, but I have done some things I wish I could undo.





Rose said...

Hmmmmmmm burnt turkey!

We had a tinsel tree too! I loved it.

Ironically, a couple of years ago, My son bought one on EBay and the bid went as high as $300. When the it arrived, it was packed in its original box and the original price tag on it was #10.00!

shirl72 said...

Sorry about Jack, Jr. being grounded for life. He seems to be adjusting
well...He works all the time and in good spirits. I guess we have all
pulled some pranks. They probably
needed some excitement that day.
Glad you got over the bump..

Paula said...

Like this story. Bet you did feel really bad about the turkey but you didn't say what you ate for Thanksgiving. I have a feeling Sherry whipped up something good. She couldn't stay angry at you for long.


LOVE tinsel trees. They are so beautiful. SHAME on you about the turkey.

betty said...

Too cute about the turkey; I can see that Sherry would "stew" a little over this, but I know she is too kind to stay mad too long with you!

That tinsel tree does bring back memories!


Sheila Y said...

I hope you didn't stay in the dog house too long. :D. We had a tinsel tree when I was young. Mom thinks she threw it out, I asked her about it because I wanted it. Love from here, Sheila

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

More great memories there in your post today. Even with the burnt turkey you are blessed with some you'll never forget. I can join the ranks and say we had a tinsel tree at one time too. Still and all there is nothing quite so great as the smell of a real tree. It's been a long time since I had one of those too.

Chatty Crone said...

Burning a turkey - not so bad.
That Christmas tree would be worth a fortune now.
And your boys had long hair!
Great story.
Hope everything is okay - you seem to be missing from action.

Annesphamily said...

I think it was Mae west who said "Never reheat your mans sins for breakfast". Something like that. Sounds like you and Sherry have had a beautiful life together. Something so lacking in our world today. Ah, the Chevy Bel Air. My older brother Ed had a grey and pink one! I think it was a 1963 or something! Truly built like an army tank! Cars are so darn cheap today they don't even add the keyed lock on the passenger side and I think that is a real safety feature!