Monday, April 28, 2014

Potpourri of Gitmo

New Folder (2) 055

Sherry had several promotions, she has always received awards as a dedicated worker.

New Folder (2) 059

An awards ceremony at her work area. Below I am holding a Mutton Snapper.

Red  snapper

The Red Snapper on a day we all shared the boat.

Scanoldpic9 011

Below which you cannot see much of was a Bob Hope show. He stopped by on his way back from a tour of Vietnam. He had Charlie Pride, and Neil Armstrong with him.

Scanoldpic9 001 - Copy

My girl on a bike and a score board Mark was proud of, he pitched and allowed only one run.

GITMO 2 scan0001GITMO 2 scan0006

At Ferry landing on one of our trips.

gtmoa scan0003scan0002scan0024

A group of kids from the Chapel, at Kittery Beach for sun and fun teaching. Below was one of my painting story telling times.


Kids from the defense housing neighborhood below.


We moved from Defense Housing to  Regular Housing. after a couple years.


These were our new next door neighbors, this doesn’t give a good shot of the new houses but they were concrete block construction with a lot of jalousie windows.

We spent 3 1/2 years aboard Gitmo Many folks could not understand that, but we understood perfectly, this was family time, IT WAS ALL SEA TIME. I went to GITMO for a 2 yr hitch, but I extended after doing more figuring, I would never have to go to sea again.

The stories are too many of course to list, but suffice to say, this was truly our best tour of duty in the military.

Thanks for staying with me.

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It is hard to argue with military duty where you do not have to spend nights away from your wife and family.



1955-‘56 automobiles…..


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can tell by your pictures that you all seemed to enjoy it there. You really did have some wonderful family times. Bob Hope did do a lot of entertaining for the military all over the world. He was a great man. How wonderful that you got to see him.

Paula said...

Nice and interesting entry. Like the photos.

betty said...

I like the one photo where your oldest son now is about as tall as you Jack! That typewriter on Sherry's desk brought back memories :)

I am enjoying reading your adventures; it did seem like GITMO was a very good place to be for that time and it allowed you to do sea duty at home, which I know you appreciated!


Chatty Crone said...

You know what is funny - you were in the service and working - but it all looked like fun!

Mevely317 said...

These smiles speak volumes, don't they?

Yuppers, that typewriter looks eerily familiar. I remember practically pitching a FIT when my bosses announced they were taking it away and I'd be getting a computer.
... and here I thought that was the worst thing that could happen - lol!

Thanks for sharing these feel-good moments; I've enjoyed coming along for the ride!

Dar said...

Allow me to thank you again, Jack, for your service. It had to be rough at times, even tho you make it all seem like the way to raise your family. You all survived and have stayed close. That's what really counts. The boys on the dirt bikes reminds me of the many spills our boys took on the dirt bike and the first 3-wheeler we, they don't get to use their dad's toys anymore. :0) Most the time, they scared me to death.
catching up, yet!
luv from way up here where the snow is gone on the fields but still in the woods...we won't be gardening just yet!


Enjoyed all your vintage photos and the stories that went with them. looks like Gitmo was good for your family. And that is a wonderful thing.

DD said...

I can see that you and your girl have had a life of exciting adventures. I love the picture story.
Thank you for the nice comments on my blog. Take care. DD

shirl72 said...

Seeing Sherry at her desk brings
back memories doing office work, especially the typewriter. I'm sure
Sherry deserved every promotion and recognition.

Looks like you and family made the best of any situation.

Annesphamily said...

The memories Jack! I love them! My dad was an "Olds" man and always owned a new Oldsmobile. He also had a beautiful 1968 Chevy truck which my sister has. I would restore it and drive it if I could. It still has the tiny Pap Smurf figure hanging from his rear view mirror. He is peering a little eyeglass!
Women had pride in their work when they had to do it. I work with some young women today and it is so sad. They would rather text and bend the rules then follow them! I dislike authority, always have, but I have always known my place and won't give up my strong willed attitude but I know when to act professional and when to be silly too!
Ah the typewriter. Good memories. I think we were stronger and wiser because we had to work harder and those before us harder still. Thanks for sharing.