Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The GITMO wrap-up

Did you  ever have a boss who was a micromanager? My last Master Chief in Gitmo was just that. I had repaired all the machines and ran both Civilian and Military payrolls for 3 years. No one missed check or a payday. No time was lost due to down time on machines. But still two days before a payroll was to be processed he would stop by my desk to say, “Payroll in two days, we can’t be late.”  It was like that for every routine job.

Funny, I smiled the first couple times, then I started giving my stock answer, “Been doing this 3 years Master Chief, ain’t missed one yet and never had to be told.”

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It never phased him, still the same. So I talked it over with Sherry and decided to cut my tour short, I could do that. So I put in for early transfer.  Unbeknown to me the Master chief was doing the same. I could have stayed and let him go.  But the paperwork was already started.

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Daddy, Mama, Kat, Shirl and Me

One of the worst thing in my life up until then happened. My Dad passed away while we were in GITMO. The USN sent me home in time for the funeral, Sherry and the boys came a couple days later. We spent a couple weeks with mama before we headed back to Cuba. Shirl was home and lived near, watching over mama.

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We can never forget dad’s words when he learned we were going to Cuba, “You will take those boys to Cuba and I will never see them again.”

But he did see them again, as this picture shows. Those two boys, with our permission, by themselves, left Cuba, landed in Norfolk, took a taxi to the Bus station and took a bus to Grandpa’s house, 300 miles away! That was an adventure for them they have never forgotten….


So we were leaving Gitmo bay after 3 1/2 years. The whole family agrees that this was absolutely the best tour of duty of our career.  Chatty mentioned my jobs seemed to be fun, I have seldom had a job I disliked. I have never hated Mondays it is not my nature. Master Chief Montoya could not help the fact he was insecure, but he was the least liked of all my bosses in life.

Even under him, I still liked my job. Funny isn’t it, the USN considered this duty so isolated, I had my choice of duty again. I chose Albany, Georgia, and  NIPSTRAFAC (acronym for: Naval Intelligence Processing Training Facility). I had never attended this school, but this was the facility that trained sailors and officers for the Intelligence Center on the Ships. I had worked this system aboard the Independence, and liked that job.

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Leaving Gitmo we were financially better off than we had been in our lives. After Sherry came to Gitmo and took a job, we lived off her salary and saved mine. We were taking a ten day leave between duty stations. Boarding that plane for Norfolk, we all had mixed feelings. We had fell in love with the tropics…

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We had all heard of Albany, NY, but had not heard of Albany, Georgia.



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Paula said...

Kat and Shirl are all dressed up pretty. I can understand how your Dad felt with you and your family taking off far away. As for Mondays, I love Mondays.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can easily see why you all fell in love with the tropics there. So sorry to hear though that your lovely time there was marred by the loss of your Dad. But then no matter where you were, it would be a great loss. Glad the boys made that trip to see him. Can hardly wait to see where you go next. It's a dismal rainy day here, but it won't be long till the sunshine returns. We got lots of warm weather and sunshiny days ahead.

shirl72 said...

Brother you have always done a good
job and been punctual. Love to see
those pictures of Mother and Dad,
our wonderful parents.

That is something about Mark and
Jack, Jr. taking that long trip
by themselves. I guess we all have
grown to love adventure and Sherry
was also doing a good job.


Guess all good things must come to an end. Glad your boys did get to see your father.

betty said...

I am glad that your boys did make that trip to see your dad, I'm sure good memories were made by all during that visit! I have a manager like yours; always reminding us to put in our time cards to get paid or to work our schedule. It makes one feel like they are back in school or under their parents' rules.

Looking forward to your next adventure. Wise to bank your earnings and live off Sherry's!


Mevely317 said...

Ya, I've co-existed with a couple micro-managers ... wish I wouldn't let that get under my skin. Your attitude's certainly enviable.

My own 'little boy' (now 44 y/o) was also fortunate to spend one-on-one quality time vacationing with his grand-dad. You know, I'd be stumped to guess who was happier because of it. So glad Jackie and Mark remember those moments!

Chatty Crone said...

I am sorry about your dad and missed him for 3 1/2 years - but I sure am glad the boys got to come back.
I meant that you liked your jobs and it was fun because your personality looks on the bright side - while other people - that may not have been true for.
Are you back home?

Annesphamily said...

I love the photo of the phamily Jack! I am glad your dad got to see those precious boys! Your write so beautifully. I am always glad when I can stop by and catch up with you. AH, 1972 the year my hubby and i graduated from high school! Sigh....such memories. Hugs, Anne