Wednesday, May 15, 2024



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From The banks of the St. Joseph River:

Sherry and I are making an assumption that what I am fighting is allergies.  Since that is foreign to me I am not sure.  All my life I have heard of allergies and thought it was simply a lot of sneezing, if I now have discovered Allergies, I KNOW I have been wrong. I haven’t hurt, just been so aggravated by a runny nose and sneezing that I have had to just lie on my back to stop the leaking!

I found some allergy meds in the medicine cabinet and have been taking a pill every 4 hours and now I do have some relief.  I am hoping and praying that it is only a one time thing.  Maybe Michigan? since I have never been here in the spring. LOL

Anyway I now know how to sympathize with someone who does suffer from allergies.  Some lessons are better not learned..

Y’all be good.

We have a couple more crazy people in our family that travel. There is a nephew Ricky in Saudi Arabia who is married to a sweet lady in Kenya and Cousin Dewey in Thailand; Dewey has found an Elephant.  Which one will return to the USA?  Just askin'!

We will remember Cousin Dewey fondly!  Hang on CUZ!

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Thank you all for being here…  Smile life is better (on the road)…. It is still good to be ALIVE, ISN’T IT? Just Sniffle and sneezer LOL




Susan Kane said...

Just now having allergies?? If you were driving by the fields of wheat and corn, then you are doomed. Dewey! What is its name?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I can relate to what you're saying. I thought I had a sinus problem but have been taking allergy meds and they do help. I go through tissues like I have stock in the tissue company. I had hoped it would be different in Texas, but no it's still the same, downright miserable.Glad you found some meds to take and feel better.

Mevely317 said...

What a hoot, your cuz! I don't know how my back would feel about it, but I'd love to be picked up by an elephant.

Up until 6 years ago, neither Tom or I had allergy symptoms like you describe. I'll occasionally take a Zyrtec, but I'm one of those weird people who enjoys a good sneeze. Ha!

Chatty Crone said...

I am not sure if it is allergy or not - but when you leave you will see.
Love the elephant! He is so lucky! lol

Spare Parts and Pics said...

LOL at cousin Dewey! I've had bad allergies all my life. They are not fun. Hope you are able to get over yours.

Woody said...

Sounds like things are going good for you 2, My CT Scan for Cancer is this coming Friday !!! Also my Chemo Treatment is Thursday so should be good check we hope !
You 2 take care and keep up the posts, I started this post earlier and finally got it done !!!
Prayers Lifted !
Love from the North; Gary an Anna Mae

Lisa said...

I’m an allergy suffer. Mine is year round. I sometimes have to take an allergy pill every day for a while or I feel like I have a full on cold. My daughter is worst than me. She used to have to take two allergy shots a week for four years just to function. She was tested and was allergic to everything except the mulberry bush and chickens. Haha crazy huh? Shes grown out of it a lot but will still break out in hives if a dog licks her and absolutely cant breath around a cat.

Sorry for the long comment