Sunday, June 13, 2010

ICE!!!! COLD!!!!

(Possible vehicles for the round the USA tour, or Final tour, LOL)

In Dar’s comment she mentioned she and Sis. Mel , at one time, would lay in the icy waters of Lake Superior for therapeutic reasons. We all are familiar with the groups known as Polar Bears who jump in icy waters. But have you had any crazy things you have done?
For a few years in my teens, I would go to the river and dive into the water on my birthday, Jan. 17th. Now that water in NC was cold, not as cold as the Northern lakes, but to a southern boy it was cold and would jolt you alive. I never stayed in. Only once (on my 16th) did I dive twice.

Most folks have done some crazy things. I hear talk about the young girl sailing around the world (at a halt right now). The claims are even to child abuse. Now I won’t argue with anyone on that fact, but in this world, there are families who put their children to work, that would starve otherwise. Child abuse? I think not. But folks, can you imagine the cost of supporting a child as he/she sails around the world?

I personally have no problem with the idea, I just wish it was me and my mama had the $90,000 to replace the mast that broke, or buy me a new boat. JEALOUSY YOU SAY! Yeah maybe. It was a dream of mine to sail around the world, but the more I hear of what it costs, I could not get to Barbados from Florida. Ha! So I guess I can cancel that dream.

I HATE TO CANCEL a dream. But some things are just that, a DREAM!

To replace our around the world cruise, we will start our “Final Tour” around the USA in July. We are going to take the Northern Route going West and return the Southern route, hopefully when it is cooler. We did this once and wound up in Yuma in August, WRONG! It was 112 in the shade. I want to call this trip something, a title or tag. I don't know about 'Final Tour', that sounds to ominous, got any suggestions? Any places or people we should visit or see on the tour?

Anyway do you dive into icy waters? Have you?

Thanks for reading this drivel,
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Lucy said...

No sir, I would never dive in icy water, but I can drive a car home about a mile in traffic with no brakes. Wonder if that is when my heart decided to flip. Got to have a little excitement some how!!

Fred Alton said...

Crazy things I've done? Dove into 15 ft waves from the seawall on Lake Pontchartrain when I was about 16 - solo. Did it several times one afternoon after traveling out there from our home on Spain Street (near the French Quarter) just for the fun of it. The waves were throwing me back onto the wall with a bang, but I was determined to plunge in again. Looking back, it's a wonder I wasn't killed.

Also, while in the CG I dropped about 20 feet from the gangplank of a merchant ship which had been hoisted - onto the bow of a 40 foot patrol boat because the Captain refused to give me a Jacob's ladder. I would have surely drowned if I had not fallen directly onto the Patrol boat's bos'n...and our rolling into the machine gun mount. That was in the middle of the Mississippi River at NOLA. Scary to think about.

Time and space won't allow me to tell more. ☻

Dreamed about? Being able to travel around the country and stop at small churches along the way and. at no cost or obligation to them, be a guest Bible teacher, take the Pastor and his wife out to eat, do some good charitable deed, or other un-expected kindness, then move on to the next place without ever having them become beholding to me. In a small measure I'm doing that now at the little church where I'm teaching Sunday School.

Fred Alton said...

BTW - I forgot to say - NOT final tour. Something like "Over, Under, Around and Through The Nation" - Or maybe "Pall Mall (Or is that Pell Mell?) Tour!

Woody said...

My suggestion would be "On the Road" with Jack, or even better, "ROAD TRIP".


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I don't do much when it gets icy but bundle up. However a few weeks ago I ran out of propane and wound up in an icy cold shower. That was a shocker to me. Your tour, what ever you call it sounds wonderful.

betty said...

me and cold water don't get along so I could never be a member of the Polar Bear Club, LOL. People in Montana would plunge into one of the lakes up there on New Year's Day, regardless of the weather; not this girl indeed!!

your tour sounds like a wonderful idea!!! If you get anywhere close to Southern California, you do need to let me know!!! How about "On the Road Again" "One More Time" "This one for the record books" "America, thanks for the memories" I don't know, but I do know you guys will enjoy it very much!!


Debbie said...

Knock! Knock! Knock! Anybody home? Thanks for letting me in your front door to visit the injured. I hope your shoulder is feeling better. My guess would be that you injured your shoulder installing that heavy jack by yourself and running after MJ sealed the deal. Mr. Independence Darnell, you should have asked some of your young grandsons for a little help, I'm sure they'd be more than happy to give Grandpa a helping hand every now and then. No need to thank me for that diagnosis and the prescription, I will be well payed when you recieve the bill during mail call for $999.01. HAHAHAHAHA! All joking aside Jack, I do hope you're on the mend, there is no shame in asking for a little help when you need it though I know your pride may be hurt just a little in admitting it.

My suggestion on a title for your last trip across country would be "Journey Of Our Hearts". You and Sherry have traveled many miles together because it has been your hearts desire to take in all the beauty life has to offer across those highways & byways. The last leg of those travels will truly be a journey of your hearts when you park the RV for the last time and I'm sure there will be a few tears shed along the way.

I really have no suggestions on your destinations for this journey but I do know your top priority will be to spend time with your grandson Ben and your great granddaughter Elsie Mae. And if your trip brings you to Kentucky it would be a pleasure to see you and Sherry again. Meeting you in person last year is something I will always treasure. I will give ya a heads up..July & August are our hottest months around these parts..our heat index the past 2 days has been 105 and the humitity is high along with it, no air is moving and it's just draining and makes it hard to breathe outside and summer hasn't even got started yet..gonna be a HOT one.

Love ya'll

Dar said...

First, Did you know that YOU and MEL share a birthday...she too being a Jan. 17 celebrant.
And, did you know that the craziest thing you could do was to change your route? You need to travel North in the summertime. It is always beautiful and comfortable weather, green when we get the rain, and we Have been getting the rains, and besides, it's where Mel and Dar live. We would commit you to one thing, eating sm'ores and telling truths and lies around the campfire.
And, still, the craziest thing I Ever did?....laying in that icy Lake Superior water time and again. It's also the best way to find agates while fanning your hand across the lake bottom...we will take you there.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry too...well any way your travels take sure to let us know when you are 50 to a hundred miles close to us...we will be right over, under, down??? LOL...and soooooooooo sorry about the shoulder...hope it is better...and no icy dipping for me...and I agree with shame in asking for "Help" help them!!! Oh yes...before I forget...your birthday and Mel's is our "wedding day" nice...doesn't take much for me to "party" LOLOL....I know I know...I haven't been on much...gotta post soon...we have had rain all it is quite warm...but nice outside...take care nd hugs from Ora in KY

Lindie said...

Agree with Woody, just callit a road trip or "on the road with J & S. You might be doing it again in a few years. I have played in 52 degree water in the Atlantic off Hampton Beach in NH. Still was cold the next day!

~mel said...

One of the craziest things I've ever done besides dipping in the Great Lake Gitcheegoomie (which you can only do about 5 minutes at a time) was jumping off a dock into about 20 feet deep of that chilly water on a day when it was in the high 90's. When I hit that water it felt like my lungs were on fire and were going to burst right out of my body! I don't advise that action to anyone!! Then to make matters worse... I opened my eyes while coming up from the cold depth to see how far up the surface was ... another mistake ~ I swear... my eyes froze open while coming up... and talk about feeling the burn. ouch!!
I've done a LOT of silly things over the years ~ and would love to have a fire pit night sitting around eating s'mores and sharing them with you. If your travels ever make it into northern Wisconsin give a shout out. I'll tell Darla to bake you something. lol

Anonymous said...

Look as if the first has German number plates, indeed a long way to come. Took me about two decades to dive into the sea again. After being forced to learn how to swim at school, yet three schools did not manage it, it was the sea where I finally learned it, aged about 13. A few other things prevented me for returning, until 2007. Thank you for the memories !
Wishing you a nice Tuesday.