Wednesday, June 23, 2010


This is what we dated in, 1955/56 No sex in this car!!!!
I probably won't comment too much tonight, we are on a day trip on the lap top.

I have started several Blog entries. One on Ignorance, one on Politics, One on oil, and one on sex. They all seemed to say the same, except the last seemed to be more interesting.
Got a note from Ora, who is reading a book. A Good book, but she is complaining about the inclusion of explicitly describing every sex act. Sherry complains about that also. I have a fuss with authors who must use so many profane words. Also I do not like the detailed descriptions of each sex act as the two mentioned girls do.

I am a Louis Lamoure fan. I have read everything he has written at least once, and many of them two or three times. The man wrote a clean book, and kept your interest until the end. I never knew there were Western ‘Sex’ books. I thought the bank robberies, rustling, talks around the camp fire and bucking broncos’ was enough. But then I had never read any of the series of ‘Long Arm’. I do read the books because I like the western flavor, but as Ora, says she does a lot of fast-forwarding.
Sex cannot be as exciting to the young folks, because according to many studies there are kids who are sexually active from twelve (and some below). So when it comes time for marriage, sex is not a major factor or thrill.

I read something my friend Fred said, and I knew exactly what he was talking about! During the wedding ceremony he could hardly pay attention, thinking of later that night. YEP! Fred, I know exactly how you felt.
I always just listened when I heard boys say, ‘I got some’. Most of my buddies never talked about sexual conquests, ‘cause we didn’t have any! I hear all the stuff about the 50’s and what went on, the wild stuff did not happen in Albemarle, Valdese or Belmont, NC, at least not where I was. Hey, I am a red blooded guy, I tried (and tried, and tried, and tried) but Sherry and I both were ‘inexperienced’ that night.
BUT! BUT that night, wow, that night. I found out just how beautiful my girl really was!!!! ‘nuff said. Sherry says there is a limit to ‘TRANSPARENCY’. HAHAHA!
Speaking of sex, did you read Bill’s comment yesterday? Fits right in!!!!
Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog
PS: Just a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion will make it instantly go mad and sting itself to death. (There are people like that!)


Lucy said...

Wwweeelll, I was so shocked when I saw the word sex as the headline on JACK'S BLOG, I almost did not come here. Then curiosity got the best of me.I did not know that there was still shock at all of that in books. To be honest about the only ones that I have read that did not have sex in it was Jacks. Our way of life is so different that is only going to get worse.

Anonymous said...


Paula said...

That is a beautiful car and thats all I will say about that subject. I would like to try the liquor on a scarpion. On second thought I am so afraid of them I hope I don't see one to dig in the back of the cabinet for that old old bottle of whiskey. For medicinal purposes of course.

shirl72 said...

Mother and Dad would be shocked the way my
brother writes about Sex. I am sorry for his
behavior. I thought this subject was a very
private one. I am sure his Brother's and Sister
would be shocked. Hope him Grandchildren don't
read this blog. Lucy I was also shocked. HEE HEE


betty said...

I think it was perfectly okay to write about sex, Jack; after all you and Sherry are married :)

but I have to say, the title did get my curiousity. Glad you decided to write about it rather than oil or politics!

hope you guys enjoyed your day trip!


Dar said...

Okaaaaay! You ARE a Rebel! I actually blushed a few love the car tho and SOOOOOO happy you never did.....hope NO one ever did disrespect that gorgeous set of wheels. Sherry IS right, there IS a limit. ROFL

Sheila Y said...

I agree with you....but you never know, you might learn something new...haha. take care, Sheila

Lucy said...

I love Sheila's answer.

Y said...

Why is it that a female who wants sex without marriage is a slut, but a man who wants sex without marriage is a stud?

Ally Lifewithally said...

Loved the car ~ :o) :O) Ally x

BlueRidge Boomer said...

Sad...but true....
When i worked at the Alternative school...the average age of the teenage mother was 13.5...yikes....we had three daycares on campus...yikes....!!


Anonymous said...

Lordy Jack...I do believe we have opened a can of worms here LOL...sheesh!!!! Honesty...does it count anymore...??? my kids as teenagers and a bit older used to "get my goat" as the expression goes...talking about sex and whatever...they knew they had my attention LOLOL...nowa days...naaaa...just old stuff...LOL...and listen all you commenters...if the shoe fits...wear it!!!!! love and hugs to you all...Ora in KY