Friday, June 18, 2010

Yeah, we actually moved (again)!

Surprise, we have moved. We moved to Shirl’s RV park in Belmont, hoping we would be in and out before she got back from a trip. But she caught us. She was forgiving and gave us some oranges and grapefruits. WE took some tomatoes and squash and left there heading for Lenior, NC. So now we are in the mountains again. Taking a short vacation before the long one. This is good for us. The mountain air and the cool weather. We don’t have the view that the Blueridgeboomer has, but it is nice. We are in a Valley.

While we are here we like to head out and find some part of the Appalachian Trail to walk on and talk to some hikers. Sherry never comments but follows a bunch of blogs here on blogger and another bunch on a hiker forum. Maybe we will meet someone she reads. There was also a country restaurant somewhere near, in Virginia, where we ate some great ‘fried Chicken’ while hiking the AT. I hope we can make it there.
WE will be modifying our trip plans as time approaches. Our first stop is planned at Cleveland, TN to see Fred & Frances. We must go over to Coker Creek and see Jack. Maybe ‘Y’, who makes comments here. We met her on our last trip to Coker Creek and she led us to the real ‘Jack Darnell’.

From there we are not sure. Sherry has a brother in Michigan who has had a few heart problems, we just may head that way. Johnny doesn’t come south too often. He was one of the boys who quit school and worked in the cotton mill a little while and decided those jobs in Detroit, that paid $8 & $10 an hour, looked much GREENER! Johnny never married and never came back except when there was a strike at GM.

We may take some of you up on the invites; we would love to see everyone that comments on the Shipslog, and get some personal pictures. We have friends who keep insisting we should write a travel journal and turn it into a book. People and Places (Our view on the Road). So far I like all the names, I am mulling over a couple but can still use ideas, because it may be incorporated into a book.

I am just rambling, thanks for coming by the log.
NIte Shipslog

Lord, please keep Your arm around my shoulders and Your hand over my mouth! Amen


Anonymous said...


Lucy said...

Jack you better keep Gods arms around your shoulders since I have 3 women that read your blog the same as me and they agree MEN ARE DIFFICULT TO SAY THE LEAST. 3 women!!! think of that if we all found you at once. Hahahaha

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

wowwww, i really love your photos here...those are the scenery's i loved to be going....great adventure you have....

betty said...

bet it felt good to be on the road again Jack and Sherry! looks like you found a nice place to have your short vacation before you start your long one!! I'm sure the Trail must be busy with lots of hiking because of the summer months! it is kind of neat that you don't specifically have an agenda where you are going to be going (as of yet at least). Gives you both time to think about what you want to see and who you want to see


shirl72 said...

Vacation from a Vacation. We are on one big
Vacation. Love the photos looks peaceful.
It was not so hot today but getting hotter for
the week-end. Stay cool.


Paula said...

Jack and Sherry some gremlin came in here and changed my settings. It couldn't be I'm just dense. Really! Bet this comment goes now.

Y said...

We'd love to have you and your bride over for supper, or we could kidnap our Jack and meet y'all in Cleveland. My husband still hasn't met y'all, and I'd love for him to hear of your glorious life on the road.

I may have to add to your quote today..." and Your fingers on my keyboard."

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

The pictures are beautiful and I'm going to really enjoy seeing all the places you visit on your trip. Enjoy the vacation before the vacation. It would be hard to leave such a beautiful place but I know you'll be seeing more on your trip too. I love the prayer in your entry. May God keep you in safely in His care.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jack...and Sherry too....with the weather so days so humid you can almost see the mist in the air LOL..that is when I get out early in the morning and early to late evening (if the mosquitoes don't get there first LOL)..then mid afternoon I come in to AC and read a bit and promptly fall asleep LOL..but not for long...gson has other ideas for his Granny LOLOL...and Jack..I cried when I read the blog about son and his wife...your "daughter" in law...and divorce...and will agree...nasty word and times...we are romatics...we see the world thru rose colored glasses...and oh we so enjoy what we see...but then reality steps in our view and messes things up...sheesh...but as they say...when life gives you lemons...make lemonade...with lotsa sugar...a place to sit and watch the sunset...and peace!!!! God Bless you on your "road" trip...and be safe from harm and in His care!!!! Ora

Dar said...

It looks as thou you and Sherry have a long trip in store. Travel oh, so safe and make some new memories along the way. MI ha?...hmmm...I wonder! looks like you will be seeing some gorgeous country.

Debbie said...

Well, I'll be darn..ya sneak into Shirl's to get some of her tomatoes and squash and you leave with oranges & grapefruits that's a loving sister!

I hope you & Sherry enjoy your mini vacation before your trip. I think it's great that you're planning to visit Sherry's brother while you're traveling.

Gary & I were talking the other night and I told him about your trip across country. We both agree it would be great to see you guys again.

While you're up in the cool mountains we have sweltering heat & humidity in our neck of the woods, 97° in the shade with heat index around 110° or higher. Don't you feel sorry for us? HAHAHA!

Love & Hugs