Monday, June 7, 2010

Pleasant surprises

Today after work, Mark was surprised by Joe Carver. Joe was down from Conn. with his family. The family was in the pool cooling off and Joe in the shade. They had many a tale to tale. They were kids together. And once in their adult life, shared a trailer together.
This is the GArage apartment up the street, Mark is finishing up. It is hard to tell by the picture but the siding is angled like the roof.


Well we will soon know if the locals can repair one of our house jacks. I removed the front jack. Don and Evelyn took us to the place that we hope can do the work in Charlotte. The jack is necessary on our house to keep it level when we park in an unlevel area. It was less expensive to pour this slab on an angle so we did. So this slab is not level. The one behind Shirl is level.

But traveling across and around the country you never know if you are assigned a site that is in dire need of jacks to make walking comfortable.

This coach is set on heavy rubber air bags, so when we stop it is Sherry’s job to release the air and let the coach settle down. Then my job to level it. We have a leveling bulb, but we do not use them. We use her mirrors in the hall. The ones she does her hair in. if they stay open and at the right angle so she can do her hair, we declare the coach level. Our problem has been the front jack leaks down and the coach continually gets unlevel if we must use the front jack. SOOO, I hope we can get it fixed.

Sherry just brought home a wonder. She attended church tonight and Ann sent one of my chalk pictures, that she had framed home with her to give to Mark and his family. The picture is the one I have done of late, “HOME”. Using the two poems “The House by the Side Of the Road” by Sam Walter Foss and augmented by “HOME”, written by Edgar Guest.

(The only problem with this drawing is the stars and moon. They were drawn with flourescent chalk to glow under black light)
The story is on the back of the picture along with both poems. I think this is one of the nicest things that has been done for us. Ann is a long time friend and sharp as a tack. She can do about anything. She wanted Mark to have something I had done. Thanks Ann (OF course she won’t read this!)
Is it nice when friends surprise you or what?
Thanks for coming this way,
Nite Shipslog
Leonardo Da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time, hence multi-tasking was invented.


Jen said...

I always thought you just parked and you were done. That sounds more complicated than putting up a tent. Hope you are able to get it fixed soon.

shirl72 said...

I cannot believe all the visitors that passed
while we were standing there talking. Glad they headed for the pool.

I got to see the picture last night that Ann framed for Mark. The frame is beautiful and
really made the picture look good. What a
wonderful and thoughtful gift. Ann is a sweet


Paula said...

The picture is sooo pretty and the frame just sets it off just right. It is nice to be surprised by a friend like that. Hope you get that jack fixed.

betty said...

what a sweet gesture your friend, Ann, did. I know you and Sherry will treasure this for a very long time! I love how you level the motor home. I'm like Jen. I thought you just pull up, unplug this, plug that in and you are done. Way too complicated for me, I think


RV Roof Repair said...

One of the impressive snapshot you have shared in your post. I have just pasted that on to my desktop.

shirl72 said...

Forget to comment on the Apt. Mark Built.
I saw it yesterday on my way to visit you and
Sherry. It is very unique and pretty. A very
good job.


Lucy said...

You are blessed both of you. Sherrys hair always looks so nice I did not think she needed a mirror. The picture is lovely and so cool the way they put the topics on, the back. The apartment looks really good. My son built houses but finally the years caught up with him and he now works for Southeast Community College. He is a jack of all trades but builds cabinets, partitions, what ever is needed. I am proud of all of my kids despite the problems we have had off and on in the past. I am very proud of them because they came up the hard way.

Dar said...

What a blessing to have unexpected company loved and missed, and the awesome of your friend Ann to share a part of You with your Son. I'm sure he will treasure it forever.
I like the angled walls on the apt. (I zoomed it in, as always, for these bad eyes.) Your son is following in Dad's footsteps with the ability to 'do it all'.
Using the mirrors to level the home on wheels, what a clever idea. Your Paula sure is a cutie.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I hope you do get that jack fixed. I know how important it is to be setting level. You are blessed with some good friends for sure. How nice she took the time to frame that for Mark. That garage apartment looks really nice. Almost too nice to be called an apartment. Hope your day is off to a great start!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jack, hopefully you are all fine. Guess that "Fix" might be your middle name and that's why I'm pretty sure that all will be well.
How very thoughtfull of you to let the moon and the stars shine, impressive. Please have you all a wonderful Wednesday !

~mel said...

Too cute... using the mirror for leveling ~ hey whatever gets the job done.

Fred Alton said...

I think one of the greatest pleasures in life is when friends show up that you haven't seen for awhile! That's so neat that Mark's friend came to visit. On that motor home leveling - I'm confident you'll get it fixed. "Level" is good. That's a plus for my hair style now - more level-headed! ☻☻☻