Monday, June 21, 2010

RV'ing and getting read for the nursing home.

As a senior citizen I am enjoying retirement. I worked for it, we planned it together. We had a little money. We loved camping and traveling. In the past we had owned tents, a homemade pop-up, a couple travel trailers. We thought maybe we might like a motor home. We could rent one for two weeks for a couple thousand dollars, or buy one. We decided to look for a cheap (?) motor home to buy. We found a good buy on a small Toyota, 21’ Ranger. We got it at a price, that if it did not work out I could make a stake truck out of it and sell it for more than we paid. It was the best investment we ever made, we loved it. We made our first trip to the North East in it. What a wonderful trip.

So we started hearing rumors of Florida. OLD folk from up North were buying Motor homes and driving to Florida. In Florida they bought homes, and the Motor homes were sold for a song. So to Florida we went. Surprise! No one was giving away Motor homes in Florida either. But we did, by luck, find a real deal. It was an accidental eaves drop by Sherry. A man on a pay phone beside was looking for a motor home also. So we struck up a conversation.

He told us of a deal he had worked out in Lakeland, but he was not going to take it, he had found something else in Alabama. So we bought it.

Now all I hear about is nursing homes.

(Come on Mrs. Darnell, sign right here and all your troubles are over, they are ours!!)
(We have a supervised rest time! as you see)

(For a fee, we have great views, and for a small price you can have someone bring your pet!)

(As you can see we are getting Mr. Darnell ready for the ball game later today, he is pitching!)

Over the years that we have lived in motor homes things have changed. We used phone cards and pay phones to communicate with home. Then came the Bag-cell phones. Then the cell phones with reasonable long distance. Now we are on the internet. Things are going great. Since I lost my hearing I can still communicate, BUT now, over the years I have gotten older. So on this net I am now getting information on Wheel chair usage, purchase or rental. Oh yes, the BEST NURSING homes.
To top it all I have just won a million dollars from Coca Cola Bottling company, in some senior contest I never heard of, all I have to do is……blah blah….
Then there are the best Senior citizens housing offers.

But the orthopedic bed for my dog? I know they have my address mixed up with Lucy out in Nebraska or Betty in CA. I just forward them to Lucy for Spunky!!!!! LOL (just a joke Lucy dear, don’t throw stuff!!!!!)
But all these folks think I am ready to quit RV’ing. Do they know something I don’t????? HMMMMMMMMM?

Thanks for coming this way.
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Helen said...

Stay active as long as possible to avoid those supervised rest periods in nursing homes. It makes me ache to see that picture and know someday that just may be me sitting there. Kind of depressing to think about. Helen

shirl72 said...

On the news tonight they were about 6 ladies in
their motorized wheel chairs riding on the highway looked like they were racing having a ball. Not a bad idea. I am getting the same
letters you get I even get them for hearing aids I haven't won a prize yet but will keep checking
the mail.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

About every week I get the hearing aide ads and often get the nursing home or assisted living ones and also motorized scooters. At our campground everyone travels in golf carts. Maybe I should have a scooter to travel around in... No nursing homes for least not today!

Sheila Y said...

I hope you pitched a no hitter...ha. I've about sold my hubby on the idea of a motor home and traveling. Have a nice week, Sheila

betty said...

LOL with the orthopedic bed for the dog; I bet this dog here wouldn't use it as he likes our bed way too much! how fantastic you were at the right place at the right time to get the deal you did on your motor home. I would hope you never have to make it into a nursing home, Jack and Sherry. I can't see you there, I think you both enjoy being "free spirits" with roaming the country in your RV.

safe travels!


Paula said...

You and Sherry seem to be doing good with traveling. I don't read that you two are taking pills and going to doctors like some of us. Good for you!

Y said...

Sounds like a business concept waiting to happen: Wheelchair friendly RVs.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, you make RVing sound so exciting that I may try it when I start to get old. ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻ ☻

We started Camp-Meeting last night. Great message by Loran L. from Charlotte!

Lucy said...

I am letting Spunky use the orthopedic bed and I am using the air mattress. You are getting out of hand and a bit feisty in your OLD AGE. My biggest fear is living in a nursing home. It is not in my plans but when is it in anyones plans. Oh by the way just keep on trucking. It is what is keeping you young.

BlueRidge Boomer said...

We get "ALL" the hearing aid info in the mail...!!
Keep on RV' keeps you young...cause age is an attitude..not a number....


Anonymous said...


Dar said...

You keep it up Jack and Sherry, with the traveling, I mean. You two are what I want to be, now I have to convince Bill. We used to have a motor home which got sold when we built the log cabin. We had not used it for 3 yrs, and thought, why keep up the insurance on it and it was sold for a song. NOW, we regret it. Bill is still content, but I have itchy steering wheel hands.
Continue to have such a great journey, you two, and quit worrying about aging. We are as young as we feel. Quite frankly, you are much younger in energy than me, that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you two always a safe road ahead, continuing to introduce an America rarely seen. Please have a wonderful Wednesday.

Debbie said...

Dad isn't on the net but his shredder gets a pretty good workout shredding all that crap he gets in the mail. About a month ago he called me all excited to tell me about winning a BIG sweepstakes he'd never entered, all he had to do to receive those big bucks was to give them his banking information so they could deposit the money in his account. We did get a good laugh about it, it had already met it's demise in the shredder before he called me but the sad part is a lot of folks fall for all these scams.

As much as you & Sherry love to travel I think you'll know when you no longer feel comfortable behind the steering wheel of your home.

Love & Hugs