Saturday, June 5, 2010

Second opinions.

Ever hear the old joke. An old man concerned about the dr. diagnosis says, “I think I need a second opinion.”

The Doc says,” Okay you are ugly too!”

I have never had much faith in second opinions, when the one you ask second knows the first opinion and who gave it. And more especially if they are in the same area. I believe that Doctors tend to assume the first doctor looked at the facts and made the right decision, so they give it a cursory look and concur. Now you might prove me wrong, in a case of two, but it will still be my opinion.

You would have to be a little deceitful to do it my way, and also you may have to pay something. I suggest going to a different town and see a doctor giving him the same info you did the first Doctor. NOT INFORMING HIM OF THE FIRST DIAGNOSIS. That is my heart felt opinion.

One case in point, many years ago my dear friend Sonny was told by his doctor he had a cancerous kidney. It must be removed. And not only removed but in a unique way (I cannot explain it) but it was much more invasive. That had to be done to keep the cancer from spreading. Being a very careful person, Sonny said, that is pretty drastic, I think I need a second opinion.

I don’t know what procedure was used, but I do know the Drs. either knew each other, at least worked closely together. The Second Dr. concurred, so the kidney they removed was the suspect kidney, but it was healthy, no cancer. The remaining kidney was not a good one, and before his death he was on kidney dialysis three times a week.

I AM NOT SAYING that life would have been longer had the mistake not been made, but I do know it caused a lot of unnecessary pain. So I think my idea is correct.

How you evade the questions of the new doctor without lying? Be honest, tell him your name is Tom Jones or Betty Davis. That you have been to a Doctor and you think he is a quack. That he (the new doc) looks honest, so you want to know why you have this ache in your right arm pit and at the same time your little toe turns up. Quack says remove four toes on the other foot and all will be better. What do you think? Like I said, BE HONEST!

I hate giving free medical advice, hahahahahahahahaha!

Thanks for coming this way, I know your time is valuable.

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The second opinion! See a Lady!


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Paula said...

You're so funny but yes I like that idea of going to a doctor in another town for a second opinion. I've always felt like you that they would agree with each other.

Fred Alton said...

After the first eye doctor told me he wanted to do cataract surgery immediately on my eyes, I sought a second opinion. Second one said, "Yeah, I have some eye drops that will help cure that ugly face!" ☻ No, not really!!! - Seriously now - I'm not sure how it all works - but - when I saw the second Opthalmologist he said I did NOT need cataract surgery at this time...which made me believe he knows what he is doing. He had just done Frances' surgery and her results have been good (altho complicated by diabetes.) Come to think of it - this doctor is in a different town and I didn't tell him anything about the first diagnosis until he had run his tests.

betty said...

good advice to go to a different town for a second opinion. I might just go to a different doctor with my testing (not the medical records with the doctor's opinion but the actual tests) and explain my symptoms and see what they come up with. I wouldn't want to duplicate some of the testing they might want to do


Sheila Y said...

Good advice if I ever need a second opinion. Now I am going to have to buy some champagne just so I can check that out...ha. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend, Sheila

shirl72 said...

I agree 100%. So many times people are miss-diagnosed and it is scary. All the good Dr.'s
have been laid to rest. They could diagonsed you in a minute and send you home feeling good about yourself. These new ones are just learning and
we are their guinea pig.

Always get a secong opnion and don't tell the
new one anything.


Lucy said...

I agree completely on second opinions. I got a second opinion on the heart when I went to the second doctor and he put his stethescope to my chest and said I can't even get a decent heart You need a heart doctor beat cause yours is racing, and you are in danger of having a stroke. That was not just one opinion but 2 plus confirmation by the heart doctor. I am almost sure mine is still in sync but 10 days are not up yet. Did you notice I misspelled stethoscope. I think I got it right this time

Dar said...

Go for the 2nd opinion without telling of the first. Can't hurt and could save ya alot of unnecessary hoopla. Hope all is going well with the two of you. It's like, measure twice, cut once. Same thing applies.