Friday, June 11, 2010

We got a call from Southern Hydraulics, your Jack is fixed. So now it is reinstalled under the coach. I say that so simply, but it was not. When I went under the coach to remove it, I was surprised how heavy it was. Since I have gotten older they make everything so much heavier.

To reinstall the thing I had decided to use some help. So I went to Mark’s dump. His stack of junk he has pulled off jobs. I picked some wooden blocks. It wasn’t simple even to get the heavy jack on the blocks. But all that aside, it is back under the coach and working (as far as I can tell), tomorrow I will measure the height to see if it is dropping any.

Everyone on here is older this year than you were last year. I am a full year and a half older that I was a year ago. Well it seems so. Things are heavier, things take longer to do and some things I just cannot do anymore. I guess that is aging.
I am noticing:
I cannot understand long directions anymore; they need to be written down.
I forget real well and remember less well.
I find myself getting by myself more, yes I could become a recluse, and I have always been a mixer.

I have talents, but are they relevant for today? Should I continue to try to entertain and teach? When someone calls and schedules a program I get excited. I plan the program, then as the date approaches I start to dread the appointment. This is an indicator to me. It is a talent or art that is fast fading. Not too many chalk artists touring today, I hate to see the medium fade away, but many teaching mediums have gone away.

There was a couple that I loved as a kid, mostly in Sunday school. Do you remember the flannel graph stories? I just loved to see character stick to the board. Were the teachers that good? I sure liked them.
Then there were the flash card stories. A series of 10-12 pictures with the story on the back side. A good teacher could tell the story without looking at the story. I remember these real well, “The Little Red Hen”, “He Took my Whipping” and “Little Boat Twice owned”. The flash pictures were heavy card board and cut in a shape. The little Red hen was in the shape of a chicken, the Boat twice owned was a boat shape.
. I forgot my MOST favorite, “Barney’s Barrel” in the shape of a barrel.
I have mixed feelings, I truly do. I want to and I don’t want to. My Mentor, a great man, got to the age he looked foolish, His drawings were childish, I felt so sorry for him. He left me all his chalk and oils; I still use some of them. But I do not want to perform beyond my time.
Sorry to take so long, Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog
Ketchup was sold in the 1830's as medicine.(how could that be, it tastes too good to be medicine!!!!.)
My question may be answered. After starting this, I went out to chase MJ and I pulled a shoulder muscle or something. The last time it happened it was five years before I could lift my arm above my head comfortably. At present, I cannot lift it. Ahhhhh, what a way to get answer!!! Shucks!!


Dar said...

Age? I can't remember much past my nose lately, and I'm younger than you. That should make you feel great. I was only 5 when you had that 55 Chev which I would die4, but then I wouldn't be able to enjoy it, would I.
Don't feel bad about slowing your pace down some, Jack. You obviously have lived a very active and appreciated life thus far, and it just may be time for a 'real' long break. You will know when to say, it's been great, thanks for asking, but no thanks.
I still LOVE the Little Red Hen.
BlessYourHearts, You and Sherry are great!

Fred Alton said...

Oh Man, Jack! Please don't stop doing your chalk art with stories. I've just observed you in action recently and want to say you are great at it! You have at least another ten good years ahead of you. Slow down if you must - but don't stop yet. You are too much needed to stop yet.

betty said...

ouch on your shoulder, Jack! hope it is a temporary thing and not something that is going to plaque you for months down the road. you have a wonderful talent in what you do with your chalk art. But I think you will know when it is time to retire from it, I'm thinking when it becomes more of a chore and less of enjoyment that could be a sign to start winding down on it. it "sucks" getting old, I tell you; I'm really feeling it this past year, not quite as quick as I used to be......

thankfully we get a new body one day :)


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jack! Wow, the chalk talent is rare these days not because it is not "in" anymore, but I think because only a few had a great talent like yours.

They're right, slow down, avoid the pressure. I am 28 and my right arm is also painful when I raise it since a week ago. Maybe it was twisted whatsoever. And there are times when I don't remember things that need to be done, too.

Melanie said...

age happens.....


Y said...

Keep posting your chalk drawings. We'll let you know when you're slipping by the sounds of silence in our comments. Would you be interested in teaching chalk drawing in Coker Creek?

Lucy said...

I was beginning to think I was a softie. Like Mel said age happens but just remember, some are denied that privilege, and it is truly a privelege when you have so much talent.

Sheila Y said...

I remember flannel stories but I don't remember the flash card stories. Hope the shoulder is already feeling better. You are talented, there will always be someone who enjoys your chalk art. You'll know when you're ready. Take care, Sheila...I hope Sherry enjoys her 'fixed' Jack... :)