Monday, June 28, 2010

If by a Stroke of fate???????

Nobody I know, remembers the Radio program called ‘If by a stroke of Fate”. I loved the program. The premise was, going back in history and using a what if? What if the first submarine had worked as planned in the Civil War (was one I remember).

There was one where they took on, ‘what the world would have been like if Abe Lincoln had not went to the Ford Theatre that night’. It kept me interested.

The other night Sherry and I were discussing things that could have happened to keep us from ever meeting. Amazing. I know she would have been an old maid spinster still waiting for me (LOL???). And I would be the lonely sailor, sailing around the world looking for her and we would never meet! That is a sad thought.

I am glad we got it right the first time. I know folks who got it right, but it took one or two (mis-dreams or mistakes) or a death.

Before I moved to Belmont, Sherry had contemplated moving to Burlington, NC with a girl friend, but in the end she didn’t. If my dad had not moved the family to Belmont, to a new pastorate, I would not have met Sherry.

You can play a game like that for fun, but you cannot seriously live your life saying, “What If?” I have seen too many and surely you have too. The ones who continually want to go back and change things. But in this life you cannot recall one word said, change one step taken and you cannot relive even a minute. So take charge of the present. Happiness is not all behind you, it is here. We choose to be cheerful or sad, bitter or sweet, which is what makes us different than the animal.

So, what if I had been born a Rockefeller, OH HO!!!!!

Thanks for coming by the log, I am sincerely glad you ‘happened’ to come this way.

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All of us could take a lesson from the weather.
Have you noticed, it pays no attention to criticism.


Paula said...

I'm glad I came this way too and I like this entry. You and Sherry seem to be just made for each other.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It is amazing how things happen isn't it. I guess the Master has a plan and we just fit in it like pieces to a puzzle.

Anonymous said...


shirl72 said...

I sure don't understand life's plan. They say
everything happens for the best. I guess I will
go along with the plan and handle what comes
my way.


Sheila Y said...

The worst 'what ifs' are after a terrible tragedy. Somehow, You and Sherry would have found each other. Stay cool, Sheila

Glenda said...

This entry reminds me of my favorite quote: If "ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it would be Christmas all year long"!
Recently read a book called "The Present", the theme is to BE IN THE PRESENT, to focus on what IS, right now; to learn from the past and plan for the future but all we have is today. It behooves us to enjoy and respond to what is important NOW :)

Dar said...

The 'what ifs' can be a careless way to live, but then, 'what if' the folks had decided that my 2 older sisters was enough...then, Doug and I would not have come into this world on this day soooo many years ago. I'm grateful they decided they would let the Lord decide.
...You and Sherry have a great time growing old together cause it was meant to be. The Lord said, 'What if' Sherry meets Jack and Jack meets Sherry and they live happily ever after, what a wonderful place this would be in NC at the foothills of a Mt. full of laughter and love.

betty said...

God wanted the two of you together, Jack and Sherry, so he would have orchestrated whatever it took to keep her where you needed to meet her and vice versa!!


Y said...

Thanks for pointing out that we may not choose our destinies, but we do choose our attitudes about them.

Lucy said...

I have always said you and Sherry were made for each other, If all marriages could be like yours there would be a lot happier people in this world.

Anonymous said...

Probably said this before, but rare things tent to find eachother. A great Wednesday for you.
An entry much felt tonight.

jun said...

hot and humid here in dixie. love that pic at the top. looks so cool and blue.
so happy for you and your fair lady!
just because i wasnt so blessed doesnt mean i cant be happy for gives me hope and joy in an existiential sense , to hear of light and happiness somewhere in the world.
I always said to myself their must be dark for light to be appreciated. so my dark brings meaning to light for others. lol
so we all are part of the grand design . and one thing i never doubt is the wisdom of the Creator! yall keep loving and living jun