Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amazing Old Stuff

About 1982 when I first started building a house I went to Sears and bought a tiller. I used it to dig the foundation footer for that first small house. I used it to till the garden out back that I planted and tended while building. Over the years I have used it to do a little land shaping and to till the few small gardens we have had. But for the past ten years of so it has been sitting in the woods, rusting.

Since I have this cute little Red & White trailer, I went to the woods and brought it here to the RV Port. I checked the oil, cleaned the plug. Gave it a shot of starter fluid and pulled the cord, it started. That old Briggs and Stratton Engine fired right up. Of course it would not continue to run. I knew the least to be done, would be to clean the tank and rebuild the carb, so that is what I am doing. It looks like it may work. I think it will feel better having company and doing some work for a change.


(yep, that is a new one, but they are still about the same, that is my first piece of dirt moving equipment, I get a smile when I think of it. It was a BIG BUY for me then!)

I have been blessed over the years, have owned several tractors, trailers and backhoe, but that tiller is the only one that makes me smile.

Something about me wants to ‘fix’ stuff. I don’t know why, there seems to be something inside that says, ‘Fix that’. There are probably things around here that Sherry wishes would speak to me and say FIX ME! LOL

Older stuff is easier to fix. No computer controls to confuse me and run the repair bills out of sight. When I get in our car and something does not work right, FEAR grabs me. Seems nothing costs less than $400 on a car in this day.

Don was telling me he bought points and condenser for his tractor and the cost was $43. Ask any old man what points should cost and they will tell you from $5 to $12. Sumpen has happened!!

Anyway I just wanted you to know about the first piece of ‘heavy equipment’ I ever bought, and let you know that it will be running again soon, hahahahaha

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


A clear conscience could possibly be, the sign of a bad memory.

Oh what a car!


The v16 Caddy, 1930


shirl72 said...

Well you healed my computer today. I am convinced you can repair or fix anything. Now
we can have a big garden with your tiller running. LOL Maybe a watermelon patch. They are doing good in my natural area. They must not
be hard to grow. Can hardly wait.

Paula said...

You and Mel would have gotten along good. He loved a challenge of fixing something that someone else had given up on. The new cars were starting to scare him though. He, his brother, and his dad worked for the same company that repaired soda foutains, lanterns, camp stoves etc.

Anonymous said...

It's a blessing to have the know-how to fix things.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole fixing thing may be(partly) that you like to provide security for those around you. ~Mary

Fred Alton said...

What a wonderful success story! Started with a garden-tiller as his first piece of dirt-moving equipment. I like that. Fixing things does one's psyche a whole world of good!

betty said...

Wow that tiller is almost 30 years old! Glad you'll be able to get it up and working soon! I'm sure when you are working on it, it brings back memories of you using it for other projects around your house!


Dar said...

I have No doubt that your tiller will again be humming through the good earth to bring you many good eats from its labor. You and Bill would work so well together. He too, can fix anything, well, except computers. There isn't much he would not attempt at least. He and my brother Eric work very well together, and he and the boys. You'd think they could read each others's great to see. If all else fails, they build a new one. Someday, we will have to show you the sawmill that he and his brother Pat that's a marvel.

Ken Riches said...

I am saving for a real tractor that can cut the marsh better, and that has a front loader.