Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Shut ‘er down

There comes a time every night when it is time to shut this system down. Many times when I do that, I then think of one more thing I was going to search.   I think I hate to shut down.

Maybe I need to order something! Sherry will be disappointed if there is not a bill on the table when she gets up. Should I check to see if someone else has posted? Usually Paula is the last to post. That Corgi is back, sometimes she is late since she is on the left Coast. haha.

I think I am addicted to this system, I should find another life. Nah, I like this one. In the morning either BRBoomer or Ma, will be the first to post, followed or lead by Lucy. sometimes old Bucko’s World is real early. Sonya is an early bird also.  Okay I will shut ‘er down now, nah I better check the forum over on Internet Explorer. Someone may need my wisdom.

Oh, I just got a comment, from annon. I think,…. can that be Bonnie? Who knows?

Jean hasn’t posted in awhile, Sheila is busy moving and not posting. I love to see an alert that Ally of the UK has posted. Robert is always a challenge with his photo’s, and having been to Athens a couple times in another life I enjoy the pictures. I usually get Roberts just before Paula.


Military landing craft: The Higgins  boat an LCVP. Higgins built 20,000 of these, Richard, hubby to ‘Y’ helped restore one of these.

‘Y’ always amazes me, every entry a poem or prose. Fred isn’t regular at posting, but interesting when he does. The girls from Wisconsin know everything, and you  learn by reading them. Everyone is unique in their own right. I miss Ora, she isn’t posting as much. Debbie not doing too much, love that girl.  I miss June (Jun).

See, I just keep on, I hate to shut ‘er down. Oh, I read a couple blogs that I do not know how to comment on. I don’t see a comment button, but someone does comment.(secret?)

Do you follow ‘Stalled at 12’? Now She writes over my head most of the time, but I love the challenge. She drops a gem pretty often.

Woody up in NY has had some physical challenges but posts every once in awhile now.  Shirl, ncbelmontbelle, is my big sister and when she has time (from shopping or volunteering) she drops a post in.

Now there is the ‘scooter lady’ shopping and the informative Roses are Read. Rose always posts something about life, She is into Silver slippers.

When I post I know Glenda, Vickie, and some of our Grand kids read. My dear friend Joan (we have grand kids in common) will be reading. Sometimes Buddy reads this stuff.

I’m like a kid, let me watch one more program before I go to bed. LOL Sherry who is sitting across the table from me, will be reading. Love you Sweetheart.

By the time I finish this sentence I will go over 500 word count, gotta stop. BTW we are in Florida!

Nite Shipslog

PS: facts is facts:::

I started out with nothing, and I still have most of it.

But today’s car is:


My friend Corporal RD Fletcher owned one of these

(‘49 or ‘50 Olds)


shirl72 said...

Friendly post. You have lots of Blogging friends. I don't know if I will post anymore
since the change in my programs I was going to
post the other day and couldn't find spell check. Can't do without that. It is fun visiting
the blogs. I know you are enjoying Fl.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

We are having a big cool down here. It's possible we won't go over 50 tomorrow and into the 40's at night. And more rain, They say we are 20 inches above normal here. Compare that to Florida where it is still very hot,
I've heard of those love bugs there...they are pesky creatures. Maybe what we have is better... Hope you are enjoying it any way.

Anonymous said...

Spending the first years of me sons life awake during the night to take care of him, made me nearly forget sleep. Now that he has long discovered 'all nighters' still I can't get no sleep.
It's now a quarter to two in the morning over here.
Please have you all a good Thursday.

~mel said...

Baby, if you shut 'er down I'm gonna hunt you down. Just look at all the wonderful people you have met blogging ... ummmm... like me! Oh ~ did you mean just shut it down ... like turn the computer off for the night? Phew ~ you had me running scared there for a second. I thought you were going to quit blogging. {{HUGS to you and yours}}

Anonymous said...

Guess we need to tell ya more often, how much we love your blog Jack! You & Sher have a fun cruise, cant wait to here all about itit, love your stories!!!

Paula said...

I'm glad you said that about "Stalled at 12". I love her dearly but sometime I'm not sure if I understand what she is saying or not. I think she is one smart cookie. I'm honored when anyone will take the time to read my country stuff.


I love stopping by to visit you and hear your stories. Have fun on the cruise. We'll be here when you get back. But I understand what you're saying... I hate to shut down too. Too many blogs to read and not enough time. I might miss something if I'm gone too long. LOL Take care.

betty said...

I'm with you about Mary's blog, LOL; she writes over my head a lot; I haven't visited her in a bit, should probably head over there soon.

Loved how you incorporated all your friends in this post, Jack, and of course your lovely wife! It is hard to get off this computer sometimes, I'm learning to set limits (and I'm sticking with them too) but there is always that one other thing that looks fascinating to check out!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I started posting anonymously when I had trouble signing in with Google.
But you probably recognize me anyway.
You're probably right about someone on a forum needing your wisdom - especially if it's the forum I'm thinking about, lol.
That reminds me of a cartoon I saw. Caption was "I can't go to bed yet; someone's wrong on the internet."
Enjoy your cruise!

LYN said...

I might just have to post now...LOL

Y said...

Actually, Richard worked with the Higgins Boat Society to build a working replica of a Higgins Industries LCVP (Landing Craft Vehicle Personnel), restore Higgins Industries LCPL (Landing Craft Personnel Large), and they are now hard at work on restoring a Higgins Industries PT Boat, all on display at the World War II Museum in New Orleans. Come on down for a VIP tour given by Richard.

Fred Alton said...

Jack, this place would fall apart without your blog to read! I read lots - but as I'm so busy with work and playing outdoors - it seems I don't have time to blog. Had to take Frances to Lowe's today to buy a few pansies. Guess who will be putting them in the ground? Yep, you guessed it...most likely me. I don't mind, really, but that takes away from my play time. ☻

Debbie said...

Well, I love ya too and I miss commenting on your blog so I've been trying to figure out why I couldn't and "I think" I found the problem. I stop by to see ya at least once a day but on that feedjit thingamajig it shows me coming in out of Poseyville Indiana instead of Kentucky.

I'm like you and enjoy reading blogs and other things so much, it's hard to shut the computer down. Since I'm awake all hours of the night I get to see stuff others probably miss.

I've thought about writing in my blog again but can't seem to make up my mind whether I want to or not. I really don't miss writing in it but I do miss my friends if I have any left after disappearing.

Oh, I love reading Mary's blog! Mary has been a great friend to me and I would love to meet her in person!

Love you guys!

Ken Riches said...

Glad you are enjoying the interwebs, they definitely are entertaining. Thanks for the shout out.