Saturday, September 10, 2011

I hate to throw anything away

So living in a motor home is rough on me.  Once Lucy posted a picture of her monitor and beside it was a cup of pens, pencils and a screw driver that I recognized immediately, because I looked beside my monitor to my ‘square glass’ and saw the same screw driver.


I like that little square glass, I got it at a yard sale for .25, so I could collect more pens and pencils. HA! I seldom throw anything away without taking something off or out of it. Sorta like someone you know probably (if there is a male around, Before Lucy yells, “Joe is the worst!”, no he ain’t!!! I have known men with several small buildings FULL!  Women cannot get enough clothes and shoes and men cannot get enough TREASURES (translate that junk, that might come in handy some day!)

And for a fact, many a dollar has been saved, because of a pipe fitting or an electrical fixture was saved.  Now I honestly do have too many (duplicate) tools, even in the motor home. I keep a full set of tools in the motor home and one in the Van, who knows I might break down away from the motor home.

Having ten Phillips screw drivers and figuring which one to give away, is like you ladies deciding which sweater (or pair of shoes) to get rid of. haha.

Vondale told me once he got so sick of his stuff in the basement and could not get rid of it, he and a buddy decided to empty each others basement. Tuck said that wasn’t hard. But there were so many nice things the guy had, he took them. That guy did the same, they just swapped junk. Men cannot win. Tuck should have asked his wife to clear the basement, ‘twould have been clean as a whistle in no time.

The majority of us are on the verge of being ‘hoarders’.

Folks down south will fill up their garage and leave the car out in the freezing rain and have to scrape the windshield. Now Sherry and I will never do that, that is for dang sure.  If we have a garage WE ARE GONNA use it.

Thanks for coming by the log.

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The shin bone is a device for finding furniture in the dark, proven FACT!.


Now check this car out:

1955 Packard convertable

1955 packard conv caribbean(Sold new for around 3,000 you can buy it in Clearwater, FL for $125,000 now!)


Cher' Shots said...

Sounds like you are a MacGyver type of guy. I bet you could use the spring out of a pen for some ingenious purpose. Thom saves 'stuff for those just-in-case it comes in handy moments too. I'm also guilty, always thinking I could use it for crafting but never getting around to it. Love your posts!
'love & hugs from afar' where the weather has been absolutely beautiful lately.

Helen said...

I am pretty bad about saving things myself. Sometimes Ken will throw something away and I sneak and put it back. He did that with some small clamps. I knew he would be needing them later. So out of the trash can they came. About a month later he was saying "now I wonder where I put those small clamps" I just made like I was looking and found them LOL.
I suppose those whose parents went through the depression when we were smaller have a tendency to save things. Helen


I'm guilty as charged... my garage is filled and the car stays out in the snow and freezing rain. And yes I have to scrape the windshield. LOL Saving things can be beneficial in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Took me a while, yet nowadays the desk is covered with my laptop and a cup of tea, nothing else. But there's indeed a cup filled with pencils right next to me, so far missing the screw driver though.

Please have you all a good Sunday. Would love to feel some rain !

Paula said...

Like this entry. Mel always had lots of junk but we did always keep our (my) car in the garage and his truck under a carpost. One time we bought a brand new I think '73 Ford LTD with the long stick out bumper. We sure had to do some rearranging to get that thing in the garage.

Bookncoffee said...

Not these folks down south. After not having a garage for so many years....we love having our cars indoors. Of course we ended up having enough room for storage too I guess. But I love not having to go out in rain, cold, heat!

Paula said...

LOL that wasn't a carpost it was a carport. Oh and I have a screwdriver in my little jar and it has an orange handle. You did need to know that I'm sure.

Fred Alton said...

Guilty as charged. Sorry, but I can't bring myself to throw away these pieces of things that I might need to repair something with...even tho I know that it will be cheaper to buy a new one instead of repair it. Ha. I keep threatening to get rid of the junk now sitting in three places ... my office, my truck and my storm cellar. Oh well, someday. Uh, maybe. ☺

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

If prizes were given away for saving things I could be in the running. I have a basement and attic full of it. The 'Little Red Hen' though has her space in the coop out back and I'd never let her sit out in the rain or snow. When ever I do decide to let something go, that is when I finally find a use for it. I guess we all like our stuff.

Dar said...

Here I thought everyone was a pack-rat! I used to keep every little trinket that may be handy someday for crafting, quilting scraps for tiny dollhouse quilts, etc...dishes, can never have enough dishes for the cabin or house, but now there is paper that's so easy to eat off at the cabin and do your own dishes directly into the campfire, right?
As for that screwdriver, now we know where Bill's flathead went out of his pocket protector......Ha! Just kiddin' Jack. He has a set in just about every room in the house and the garages.
Speaking of garages, the truck, tractor, 4-wheeler, lawn mower and boat never daylight. There is always room for his toys in the Big Boy Toy House.
Always a pleasure coming here, our friends.

Dar said...

I should have said, those toys never see daylight WHEN they are not being used...LOL

shirl72 said...

Need I bring the things we got rid of when You
and Sherry helped me downsize to get ready to move. I know I would win the prize for the most
stuff. At the Yard when the fellow ask who he
paid for his purchase You said you want believe
this is one person's stuff. It filled the whole
Church parking lot. You name it we had it from art work, typerwriters, radios, computers and
many other things.


betty said...

If I had to move myself (just me, not hubby, LOL) I would have about three boxes of things, small closet of clothes and this and that. if hubby had to move right now, we'd be hiring the biggest size of U-Haul. We definitely know who is the collector of things here (which is evident by our recent move when it took us longer to pack/move the garage than the house and there was not any of my stuff out there, but his tools and whatnot. And you know our present situation trying to sort through 50 plus years of stuff. We were out in the garage doing a bit of cleaning the other day. We found at least two junk drawers out there (paper clips, pens, pencils, that type of stuff). I told hubby it was the first time I knew of anyone that had junk drawers out in the garage (we have one in the kitchen).

If it was me/my siblings dealing with what we are dealing with here, it would be resolved by now.......I have no qualms throwing things away or recycling them if they are still usable :)

I had to laugh though because hubby does have a tool kit for each vehicle :)

just make sure you guys have some room to move around in that RV and don't clutter it up too much!


Anonymous said...

I am a very good de-clutterer..I work best while the clutterer is out..;)