Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rain on a tin roof

During the second rain here at the RV Port, I was in our little aluminum building.  As a matter of fact I was in the same building during the first rain. I enjoy the sound of rain on the roof. The only way you can hear a good rain is on a metal roof. I like to hear it.

rain on a roof

(From the blog, I love to hear rain on a tin roof)

I remember when I visited North Georgia and Great Grandpa Hilly’s , if we were there over night, I had to spend the night with Uncle Inman, a bachelor. He had a tin roof  with no insulation to keep the noise down. I loved to hear the rain, it always put me to sleep.


(Charlotte Observer)

Amazing how the ‘Old’ folk thought. Grandpa had no reservations about handing me a 22 rifle and a few shells.  He gave me a lesson in loading the single shot rifle and what direction I could shoot. Then said, “now git and bring back some meat.”

At six years old I felt grown up. I heeded his advice, but never hit a squirrel. Later Daddy said if you would have hit anything it would have been luck, the barrel was bent and the only thing it was good for was killing the hogs in the fall.  I was still amazed that Grandpa expected me to understand and honor his directions.  What a man, my Great Grandpa. That was always a strange thing to me, I never knew my grandpas, they died early, but I remember a Great grandpa.


location of Sander's Peaches,
2101 Filbert Hwy. (Hwy. 321),
Filbert, SC


We lived in North Carolina, so the trips to mom and dad’s old home places around Toccoa, Georgia was a real treat. Driving thru SC during peach season we always stopped and bought a bushel to eat and share. I loved the road side stands and looked forward to the stop.

Paul Anderson, the strongest man in the world is from Toccoa.

Thanks for coming this way.

Nite Shipslog


It is said that if you line up all the cars in the world end-to-end, someone would be stupid enough to try to pass them.

Speaking of cars:


looks like about a 1959 Caddy.


shirl72 said...

Remember Great Great Granpa Hilly was a Judge.
I loved to hear him tell us stories about some of the funny laws back then sitting around the fireplace. I remember you wanted some of the law

I slept in a feather bed that wrapped
around you. I can barely remember the long table
in the Kitchen. You are right it was such a
pleasure visiting them in Ga. Good Memeories.

Speaking of Guns I remember in Little Washington
you headed to the creek to shoot Frogs.


Fred Alton said...

What wonderful memories a rain brought for you! It is wonderful to hear a rain on a tin roof, unless there is a leak over the bed. Ha. I don't think I liked the "plink, plink, plink" of the rain dropping into a metal pot on the kitchen floor either. Loved the stories of Grandpa Hilly. Let's hear more of that.

Paula said...

Could you record that sound and send it down? We don't remember rain. Bad fires in San Antonio yesterday and today. Out near Camp Bullis and Camp Stanley

betty said...

I bet those peaches you got along the side of the road were so juicy and tasty! and I bet most of them were eaten on the way home! I think listening to rain hitting anything is always a good sound, especially if one lives in a drought stricken area :)



Rain pelting on the roof always keeps me awake. I wish I could let it lure me to sleep, like it does for you. It must be so comforting for you to hear it. Those peaches, picked fresh, sure do look delicious.

Dar said...

Loved this entry from the rain to GGrandpa Hilly and his faith in you and those peaches.
We can hear the rain on our metal roof at the cabin...the reason we went with metal. LOVE IT!
and leaving the window open for the fresh air and the breeze off the creek. You'll have to stay there sometime! We will pray for rain. Have a wonderful 55 on the 22nd. Love you guys.
BlessYourHearts and SafeTravels on your Cruise.

Liliana Lucki said...

Super blog !!!

Me encantan los documentos fotogr√°ficos.

Saludo desde Argentina.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Rain here too. I sleep well with our with out it. Just like the sunshine more. The days of that are going to be fewer now. Hope your Thursday is a great one!

Anonymous said...

Never slept under a tin roof, but, back in the day, we had no a.c. so a rain shower was always welcome for a good night's sleep.

I sure do love Georgia peaches!


Anonymous said...

I miss rain so very much. Thank you for the memories. Please have a good Friday you all.

Anonymous said...

You've decided it for me. I want a peach smoothie for dinner.