Friday, September 9, 2011

What do you call your HS year book? Sherry’s is the Clarion.

Belmont High school year books are called the Clarion. I have one year book Called the Impersonator from Valdese, NC. I don’t have a collection of year books,  I Never did see the need, I never planned to finish, so I was a HS Drop out.

(The impersonator is the white one, yep I have one)



(How handy is that, those are the yr. books over head, and Sherry’s computer down on  the left.)

Sherry was fortunate and went through school with the same crew from grade school to graduation. Evelyn, Rose and Sherry graduated in the same class. The year books come out more and more often as the years pass. Evelyn will call Sherry and say, ‘did you hear, so and so died?’ out comes the year books.

These mean a lot to the folks who graduated. Because as the years go by, more and more of the class is missing at reunions. It is now down to where now the drop outs are invited to the reunions. Sorta like, including the Drop-outs will increase the number and folks will feel better.

But unless you were actually in classes with these folks there is not the same camaraderie.

 Evidently my class hasn’t lost that many, I haven’t been invited yet. LOL. I mention it, not because I am upset. I didn’t know enough of my class to be remembered anyway. I get my ‘shot’ by attending Sherry’s class reunions.

Yesterday Sherry got some terrible news, Girl class mate Sluggo’s  daughter in law died in Haiti. She was down there on a Mission trip to help with the Quake victims. So out comes the Clarion’s.

Shirl works in the Belmont Historical Society. She ran across a picture of me in an old Clarion (I did attend a year and a half before quitting) and had it blown up. I am so cute, hair and all. hahaha  Thanks Shirl for reminding me I had hair. LOL


(We called that wave in front a roach, for some reason)

I am sure your year books bring back memories like Sherry’s does. She gets a lot of comfort, fun, and conversations' about the ‘Clarions’.

Thanks for coming this way!

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I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I honestly cannot remember what the name of our yearbook was. I'll have to go see if I can find it now. Unlike Sherry I haven't kept up with the people I graduated with. I think most of them must have left town because I never see them. Sorry to hear the news about the friend of yours though. The rain has continued here all week. Hope to see some sun soon.

Glenda said...

just read the past couple days entries, love the idea you got that old tiller started! And my High School annual was the Bulldog Yelp, funny to look back at the photos and in my little countryish high school, the innocence. Life has changed considerably since the sixties:)

betty said...

Gosh; I'm trying to think what my yearbook was called. I went to Helix High School and we were the Highlanders (Scottis theme, LOL) but can I remember what the book was called? I am not sure even where my yearbooks got to. They might be in a box here, LOL, where I'm living now and just haven't found it yet going through all the clutter because when we moved years ago from this area, we asked hubby's parents to store a few boxes for us.

Like Ma, I haven't kept up with many people from high school, but I think if I went all my school years with the same group of kids, then there would be more of a kinship.

It is just amazing how fast the time goes after one graduates from high school! And we just can't wait to graduate and get to be grown up! What were we thinking?


Paula said...

In my mind I was thinking pompadore for your hair. Very nice picture. We were the Somerset Bulldogs and our colors were royal blue and white but the name of the yearbook which just started my sophomore year escapes me. I do have it somewhere. A lot of us went from first grade to graduation together and some still keep in touch. This old body used to be a cheerleader.

Sheila Y said...

Our annual was called the 'Opptimist', from Opp High School. Wonder if they are still called that...probably. Take care, Sheila

shirl72 said...

You told the name of my yearbook Impersonator
Valdese Hi. The yearbook in Albemarle was
The Crossroads, I was in the 9th grade and we could order yearbooks. Jim's yearbook was Snips and Cuts Charlotte School. I Graduated
from Valdese Hi. I can hardly remember being that young. I tell my young friends I was not
born this age.


Dar said...

Boy, did you spring some memories.
The name of our yearbook was ' Torch sixty-eight,' from the Lincoln High School in Park Falls, WI. It has just last year, been turned into an apartment complex. I also have yearbooks of my great aunts called The 1923 Iris Normal School from Stevens Point and the Quiver from 1918.

Back to my class of 68-our class colors were burgundy and black if I remember right and we all got to keep the tassel from our caps with the memories of good ol' 12 yrs. together.
My last reunion was a couple yrs. ago when there were just a handful of us in attendance. Sad, because the reunions used to be nearly all 104 of us with significant huge fun.
Bill's reunions are more fun for me as I knew more of his class than my own. My class was pretty 'clicky,' maybe at the 45th, they will have grown-up some. LOL I get along with everyone so no one gets past me without at least a 'hello-how are you?'
This was fun.
Now I have to go read the little farewells and have a great summer/comments in my yearbooks and do a head count of who has passed on before me.
I think it's only 4.....that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

I am having lots of trouble trying to comment on some blogs mainly the one that say
Select a profile ~ I just don't seem to be to get past that only with anon ~ and I don't like posting anon ~ Ally x

Anonymous said...

ps ~ I enjoyed reading your entry ~ Ally x

Fred Alton said...

Jack! I like that "If the shoe fits..." thing. ☻ Good advice.

On the yearbooks, I can't remember all the names of yearbooks at the 18 schools I attended. Ha. The Vindaugua (Lee College)one gets pulled out every now and then when we hear of the passing of a classmate - or like the other day - I photo-copied my Vindagua self and printed it out to identify myself to one of the associates at our local grocery store.

I think the "Rebel Yell" was the yearbook for Francis T. Nichols in NOLA. Unfortunately I don't have one. I only went there through the 11th grade and we couldn't afford to buy things like that every year. I was waiting for HS graduation before spending that money.