Thursday, September 15, 2011

Shucks, I didn’t mean to give the wrong impression


I didn’t mean shut down for good, just every night I have a problem shutting down this system. Someone may post some thing exciting and I would miss it.

On the trip to Florida we drive thru Georgia. I-95 was a bear a few years back, the road is smooth and makes for a good trip now. We stopped for fuel at the Flying J in Brunswick, GA. I know that is not where Brunswick Stew comes from, but I think of it every time. Then comes:

on the road today 003

I hear a lot of RV’rs fuss about truckers, but I find most of them very courteous. Many of my family (uncles, cousins and a brother) were truckers. I loved their stories and even made one long haul with my brother. You get a different prospective sitting in the seat with 35-40K lbs behind you, when some kid pulls out in front of you like you can stop on a dime.  I am courteous and they are very courteous back.

on the road today 001

(This guy passed just as we were passing ‘Coosawhatchie’ Ga. You can see our van in the rear monitor on the right)

Just before Coosawhatchie, is this old smoke stack, finally some one has painted it and placed an ad on it.

on the road today 002

I love flat beds on trucks so you can see what they are hauling. today we saw two GIANT tracks for a huge steam shovel. It took one truck for one track. I wondered who would change that tire. hahaha.

You are always curious when five law enforcement cars with blue lights surround a vehicle, what is going on? Our friends Don & Evelyn drive a Tripi-cal motor home. We saw one just like theirs in the CG we over nighted in.

 Then She was getting fuel at the Flying J when we pulled in. Sherry talked to the lady She was towing her Saturn car. In the process of divorce she is living in the motor home while they settle on the house in Florida. She looked to be in her 50’s. I am seeing more and more of that; divorce in the later years. I think most of them will be sorry they did not try harder to work things out.

We always drive thru the 80 mile speed trap on 301. Huge signs say SPEED TRAP IN Lawdy.  then another Bill Board size sign: SPEED TRAP AHEAD IN WALDO. We counted the speed signs once there is a average of one per mile. 65,55,45,35,25,35,45,55,65,55,45,35,25,35,45,55,65   up & down etc.You really have to pay attention to remember which zone you are in.

We had a great trip. we have this RV park to ourselves just about. 495 sights and about 24 RV’s here. We walked for an; hour tonight, we haven’t done that in awhile.

If you are familiar with Florida, we are at the beginning of the Florida Turnpike, near Wildwood, now. Thanks for coming by the log

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Helen said...

Bet it felt good to stretch your legs on that hour walk after riding all day. Helen

Paula said...

Do you get over on the shoulder to let trucks pass? I think it is against the law but everyone does it down here and the trucks seem to expect it. Most blink their lights to say "thank you".

Fred Alton said...

Glad you made that trip safely, Jack. Our plans are still on for the month of Oct. Think we are leaving here on the 4th - but it may take two or three days depending on how the swelling works in Frances' feet. I'm really looking forward to getting away from here for a few days so I can twiddle my thumbs somewhere else! ☻

shirl72 said...

Glad you had a good trip.. We are expecting
cool weather tomorrow. I know you are looking
forward to your cruise.

Dewey ask about your behavior. I told him it was the same. LOL


Anonymous said...

Oh, we'd never let you shut down for good. We'd hunt you :-).~Mary

Anonymous said...

Always a safe road ahead and a good Friday too.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad you got out for that walk and stretched your legs. It always feels good after driving any distance. I just got in from a visit to see my youngest granddaughter who was born the 13th. She is tiny and adorable of course. I love to hold a newborn. So I'm a happy grand'ma'. Tomorrow I head for my camper. I've been missing it. I'll probably get out for some walks there too. I agree about the truckers. They are mostly good guys.


My hubby and I used to have CB Radios, back in the day, and would listen to the truckers talk. They are good guys for sure. Thanks for the progress report of your travels. Glad you got to stretch your legs after a long day on the road. Take care.

betty said...

Glad you guys made it to Florida safely! Enjoy the quiet RV park! I bet it felt good to get out and walk that much!! I'm grateful for truckers, they do move a lot of things I have a fondness for (food mainly :). Hard work they do too!


Glenda said...

Good to know you had a safe trip back to FL. And when are you leaving on the cruise? Love the trucker stories, if I were a better driver (especially the backing up part:) I'd really enjoy trucking, we used to love passing them and signaling for the driver to blow his horn - which usually they'd do - Fun!!!