Monday, September 5, 2011

Looking Young (Contains nekked pictures, (ART) your risk)

(Apparently you gotta be nekked in public to get young, so you can bet my Sherry ain’t gonna try it.)

Men and women are affected by this. We all want to be eternally young. But I will let you in on a secret (if you don’t know already), if you live long enough you are gonna look OOOLD.

For years it was mostly women who bought into this look ‘Eternally 27’ thing.  My wife uses that stuff and she looks great. I love her. BUT now I see men who want to look young forever. Some even visit tanning booths to stay ‘vibrant looking’.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love it when my girl ‘fixes up’ in the mornings.  I can watch most mornings. Of course I just love to see her and enjoy all our time together, fixing up, fixed up or not.


(you must click to see the nekkid folk)

There is a story in history about Ponce de Leon, who came to Florida looking for the fountain of youth. Apparently he saw some Indians who seemed to not age, and he wanted that himself.  Of course I think he was a business man, and knew if he could find and bottle this stuff he would be the richest man in the world. We have folks who have found a ‘substitute’ fountain of youth and have marketed it over the world.


((90 year old ladies))

I honestly hate the idea that a woman feels she should not age. This present world has told people (especially women) you are UGLY if you age. They haven’t said it in those words, but the idea has been planted. Bologna!

(Susanne Summers has the Life patch to keep you young, 100% guarantee)


I love the fact that advertisers use models who do not need any ‘youth Cream’ to sell their product. I see them selling exercise equipment using models that do not need to loose that weight, or tighten the muscles. The idea planted, ‘buy my product and you will look like this’. (Yeah only in your dreams)


Stop Wrinkles: Anti Aging Cream, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin ... #1 way to get healthier, firmer, younger looking skin with this skin rejuvenation cream. Targets the visible signs of aging ...

Stop Wrinkles: Anti Aging Cream, Anti Wrinkle Cream, Skin ...


I have an opinion that most any diet will work if you stick to it. Any exercise equipment will work if you use it. But NO AMOUNT OF SPECIAL CREAM  is gonna make us 70-80 year old folks look 25 again, ain’t gonna happen.

It is a fact that a 20 year old person seldom has wrinkles, their skin is smooth, but their brain is wrinkled. It will take years to iron that out. By the time the brain learns  real life, there will be a few external wrinkles.

As a adult, I love it when I can talk to a person who has a brain that has had the ‘naiveté’, ‘stupid’ and ‘ignorant’ wrinkles ironed out. haha! I like a conversation that has some depth to it. It doesn’t have to be modern science, but just common sense, light hearted talk; talk that obviously is not stupid.

Thanks for listening to this old man rave. hahaha

Nite Shipslog


God is watching , (the least you  can do is be entertaining.)

Since I retired,  I consider "On Time" to be when I get there.

Today’s automobile":

1936 international 

This is a 1936 matching combo truck and RV!

Reckon that is where the extended cab cam from?


Lucy said...

I have never worried about looking young cause I knew I could not do anything about it. If someone don't like my 81 year old wrinkles they do not have to look. At least the wrinkles breathe.

Paula said...

I like the combo truck and RV, its my age so how come it looks younger then I do? I like your take on aging but sometime you would just like to tell a cute young thing I used to look like that. lol I'm with Lucy at least the wrinkles breathe.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I look my age and I love the age I am.

Anonymous said...

have to admit, that I might be still too young, being still afraid of time. thoughtful entry. please have you all a good tuesday.

shirl72 said...

There is not a creme on the market that will make you look younger. It just helps to make
you feel like you are doing something. You do
need the moisture and that is it. $l.00 to $l00.00 all the same. My face has started letting me down and the body has gone South
but I am still here.


betty said...

Thing is I still feel young until I look in the mirror :)

I saw a few weeks ago at the gym a story about a 104-year-old lady; she looked no older than 75 and her daughter, in her 70s, looked in her 50s. Genes they say play a big part in longevity, and I'm sure looks too on how we age.

Like the RV/car combo; very interesting design from way back then!



What a thought provoking post. For the record- I wear my old age proudly. I'm not interested in the Fountain of Youth. What you see it what you get. Love the car and trailer.

Fred Alton said...

Hilarious that someone would sell a life-patch (a life is a long time) with a 30 day guarantee (!?) and people believe it. Hmmmm...

That car and custom trailer - I had never heard of such a thing before. It must have been very expensive.

Anonymous said...

Now, of course, I rushed to the one with naked pictures first :o.

Anonymous said...

"Smooth skin, wrinkled brain" -- you have me laughing out loud!!!