Saturday, April 27, 2013

I choose the Trumpet!

My dad wanted his children to be musicians. In 1945 mama sent me to the  piano teacher that was teaching Shirl. She paid a hard earned 50¢ for that lesson. Imma tell you, to a kid, it looked like a thousand black and white keys there, with no labels and no pictures. I begged for something different.

Dad being a wise man, decided Jack wasn’t smart enough to master the 88, and allowed me to stop, after an investment of 50¢.

Houseonthe ROCK 262

(Above is one of the automated bands in the “House on The Rock, featuring the piano”).

Dad then bought a Sax from a friend, I looked at the number of buttons and refused that. He returned the Sax. Then I said, maybe the Trumpet?

So I was destined for the trumpet with THREE keys, my speed. Fortunately I liked the trumpet. I did learn that there was more to learn than the three keys. But I did learn and enjoyed  playing. I became first trumpet in the Elementary School band.

Now back to that confusing piano. Sherry has taken lessons and can play a couple songs. Shirl is very talented and plays the piano and several  instruments. Friend Evelyn is a pianist. Josh (Grandson) can play about anything on the piano.

If I remember right, Jackie, who comments here is a pianist. Probably more of you.  You have my admiration. I love the piano. I miss hearing  that instrument, but just watching anyone’s hands as they play is amazing.

Now I ask you to look at this pipe organ, Can you imagine the talent needed to play it?

Houseonthe ROCK 321

(These instruments are in the ‘House on the Rock’).

Now take a look below at these two Pipe organ KEYBOARDS?

Houseonthe ROCK 322Houseonthe ROCK 323

Now I have to say, one must be brilliant to even remember the bells and whistles.  If you can play these organs, Flying a 747 should be a piece of cake. LOL

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Some talents must be witnessed, they cannot be described.


Future Mercedes

Future Mercedes

1906 Mason car

Lady showing off a 1906 Mason (I think of the Mason Jar, no sure they are related)


Anonymous said...

I love my Mercedes & have no plans for a new one right now, but if that one was being offered, I do believe I would change my mind.


Not musically inclined myself. Did manage to tickle the ivories a little though. Hubby plays the saxophone. Daughters flute and clarinet.

Jackie said...

Love music....and yes, I've been playing for 53 years now. My instrument of "choice" is the piano, but like you, Jack, I also play the trumpet.
Isn't it amazing how much lesson prices have changed. Daddy paid $1.00 for a 30-minute lesso for me, and "back then" that was a lot of money.
Thinking about your view of those 88 keys, I smiled. I never thought about how many there were. Just wanted to tickle them.
Have a lovely weekend, my friend.

Chatty Crone said...

Haha hehe I guess that is true.
Me - I played the organ. I can still play a keyboard - a little. sandie

Paula said...

I wanted to learn the piano so badly so Mama let me and my sister take lessons. We couldn't afford a piano so our church let us practise in the basement and was it cold down there. The teacher spent much of our lesson trying to convert us to the Baptist church. We finally gave up and quit.

shirl72 said...

You were a good trumpet player.
I started piano at age 5. Had my
first recital at age 6. I played
the autoharp, french horn, key
board, drums, organ and piano.
Dad let me play two songs for
the choir at age 12. I thought I had arrived.

I love music. Mostly play for
my enjoyment today. "Been there
done that" as the old saying goes.

Louis la Vache said...

You analogy of flying at 747 and playing either of those organs in the 2 lower photos is apt! Good grief! «Louis» has never seen such organs!

Lucy said...

I always wanted to play the piano but we had no piano or money for lessons, which was probably just as well. I don't think I would have had the "stick to it" mindset.Love the organ music but I would think you would have to be a genius to play it.

Ken Riches said...

Dabbled with piano and guitar, but I am not really musically gifted, so I just enjoy listening mostly. I am a pretty good drummer on Rock Band though :o)