Friday, April 26, 2013

Something old

In preparation for the up coming GaribaldiFest her in Belmont, I waited too late for a professional sign. So I was thinking, I have had one sign painted professionally only once in about ‘88, while building, what did I do with it.

scan1991-92 037

Jim, Shirl’s husband, in the suit, was representing the company. son Mark to the right of the red shirt and Classy me in the lite blue shirt.

scan1991-92 038

Mark and his wife Corinne, Reece in front and Sherry on the right.

  I had it prepared for a Builder's show.  I stored it in my protable storage shed which I gave to Mark when I retired.

I drove over to the storage area and found it. I has been stored since 1988, here it is now.

sign 001

With a little modifications and a lot of work here is my blank working surface now.

sign 004

So if I can do some lettering that appears fair, I will use it.

Now I am off to figure how to fill in the blanks.

One more thing, I also had the balloons, you see in the picture, I had a hundred or so left, would you believe they still will blow up and hold air? Amazing, stored since 1988! 

Thanks for coming by the log.

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Never say NEVER!



This was a new 1988 Chevy when that sign was painted.


This is just a pretty 1954 Mercury, dig that sun-roof!



Clever way to recycle the sign.

Anonymous said...

I do very much like that 54 Mercury.

The sign reminds me of my Dad's love for Linda Darnell.

Anonymous said...

I like a person who recycles...and it all fits perfectly with your intent today! Saving things is a good thing...having the storage space is another matter :D I think your re-purposed sign is going to look just grand!!! Can't wait to see it up and drawing in the folks!!!

Chatty Crone said...

I am shocked the balloons still hold air! What a fabulous idea about the sign - that is awesome Jack.sandie

Paula said...

I bet you knew you were saving that sign for something and didn't know what. It will look great and the balloons? I'm surprised they will still hold air after all these years.

Lucy said...

Cool sign. And to think the balloons will still hold air.

Jackie said...

Great sign and photos of it...
Regarding the balloons...I am very surprised that they still hold air. Things were probably made better back then, whaddya think!

Louis la Vache said...

That is indeed amazing that the balloons still hold air!

«Louis» spotted a '58 Pontiac behind that '54 Mercury Sun Valley.