Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Okay things are getting back to normal, methinks!

To be honest, one shouldn’t get upset when things go wrong, but that is easy to say when things are going right. LOL

Today I was expecting an e-mail from the printer saying yes, we can print a proof from your book block. BUT I could not see dates, senders, or subjects on my e-mails. So I had to pains takingly open every one, spam, junk and all, or fix it.

After 5 of the 60+ e-mails I said this won’t work, so I finally found some advice that said I had too many e-mails, I needed to ‘compress’. So I got the instructions of how to do it. I could not remember the steps so I needed to print them. Printer quit! Must fix printer first. So got that, then fixed the e-mail problem.

YEAH! They can use the file to make the proof ad I can fix the small glitches(?) afterward?  Nah, the book is going to sail right thru…

Okay here is the new cover:

new cover

But with this cover I get the spine. I don’t like books with no spine printing.

So now that the proofs are set to print and be sent from the West Coast, I am easier to live with (I hope).

So now I will try to touch base with my fellow bloggers.

I restored this computer, but I still feel like it is trying to be on it’s last leg.

Thanks for all the good wishes during my big birthing pains.  haha

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If you persist you will succeed, it doesn’t mean you are gonna be happy in the process…


1955 DeSota


1955 Desota


Paula said...

Do you know why they wouldn't let you use the other cover? I liked it very much although this one is nice too. I switched to bloglovin because everyone is saying we will have to switch to something soon. Don't know what I'm doing but then I didn't when I started blogging so hope I'll learn again.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for books without the spine either. The first sentence of this post is so very true.~Mary

Chatty Crone said...

Jack I am so happy things are going forward - now I love the book jacket - so when will it be out - it is a physical book and not an ebook - right? sandie

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I sure do hope things return to normal for you. Your computer is acting strangely. Hopefully it won't crash on you. I'm hoping mine lasts a good long time yet because when it goes, I'll be stuck using my phone for emails and blogging. Who knows how long either one of them will last. Still chilly here in the 30's. Saw some snow flurries briefly this morning. Hope you all are warming up there.

Anonymous said...

your computer and printer are doing things I've never even heard of...but then I never birthed a book :) I might self-publish something with my Out Of My Mind Images...thinking about it anyway :) have a new blog here: it's going to be just my OOMMI has surprised me when I've gone blog surfing recently how many blogs are either gone or have switched over to wordpress. I'm new to their way of doing things but their setup doesn't seem nearly as user friendly as blogger!! I'm not leaving blogger UNLESS they tell me I have to use the Dynamic Views templates...and what's up with all this Google+ stuff, confusing!!! happy evening to you and Sherry!


Computers are made to give you fits. I liked both covers. This one is nice.

Jackie said...

I love this cover!!
I'm glad that things are sailing a bit more smoothly today for you and your book.

Anonymous said...

Glad your baby has a spine. Now watch out for postpartum depression, lol! ;-)


Louis la Vache said...

Congratulations of your new book!

That '55 DeSoto looked good then, and it looks good now, in «Louis'» opinion!

Dar said...

so glad for you, that things are getting back to normal, your normal, methinks~~~looking forward to the new read. I just dusted your other books and am giving them to Mom to read. I know she will enjoy them all. Thanks again for such a wonderful gift from your hearts.

Anonymous said...

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Glenda said...

Something in my heart tells me that THIS will be the best of your writing; cannot wait for my copy, the cover is awesome! My nephew has been staying with me doing a job search, almost daily I remind him of the all important "P"s... Preparation, Patience, and Persistence. You set an amazing example of all three!

shirl72 said...

Glad things worked out. The cover
looks good.

When it is one thing not working
it takes three and then it will get back to normal. I think our
patience will be tested to see if
we can still deal with them. hehe
You made the grade so on with