Saturday, April 13, 2013

Too much of a Good thing

It is hard to realize that there actually is such a point. Sherry talks about eating so many doughnuts that it was awhile before she wanted another.

Some children get into chocolate and eat too much and get sick.

One that sticks out in my mind is ‘bumper cars’. That was one of my favorite things at a fair, it seemed that a quarter’s worth just didn’t last long. Once the grand kids came along we would take them camping and visit some tourist place also.

One of those trips was to ‘Tweetsie’, a famous place within the confines of North Carolina; it has a train with a steam engine (Tweetsie) that circles the park, it gets robbed by outlaws and the outlaws are always captured by the good guy.

They also had rides. So everyone wanted the bumper cars. The mans thought he was doing us a favor and let it run and run and run. I was ready to get out, even the grand kids got tired of it. THAT WAS TOO MUCH OF A GOOD THING.

Sherry and I love the Pecan Waffle from the Waffle House.

I always thought, just a few more pecans would make it even better. Well this morning the waffle was filled with pecans, actually too many. We didn’t say anything inside but in the car we both said, too many pecans. 

I guess that is like too much seasoning in something.

Did it ever happen to you?  Too much of a good thing?

Are there things you can never get enough of?

Thanks for stoppping by. (too much 'p’s’ there)

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Methinks that there are some things that you cannot get enough of: GOOD MEMORIES, OLD CARS, LOVE, HOPE, SMILES, LAUGHTER and a nice walk in the woods.


 Broad Street north of Spruce Street Philadelphia 1905

Broad Street, Philly, 1905


Just an old Pepsi Truck…


Anonymous said...

My mother worked in a chocolate factory as a teen & as an adult(even before she discovered she was a diabetic)she almost never ate chocolate because she consumed so much when first working there that it got her almost deathly ill.

Old friends of mine are moving to NC. In your opinion, what is the best area there(with golf in mind).

Anonymous said...

Well, Jack, all I can say is that there are some things I would like to try and see if I could get too much of.


Anonymous said...

I remember the Pepsi truck...looking just like that (my Dad's favorite soft drink was Pepsi)

I never got enough of being in love with, laughing with, traveling with, just plain being with Don :)

I did have enough of riding the BLACK WIDOW at Busch Gardens, Wmsbg, VA, with my young son and a young friend of his...thought I was going to "barf my berries," never thought it possible to have more than enough ICE CREAM...but after a half gallon at one sitting ice cream begins to lose its allure and I've definitely had enough of flying in an airplane...911 put the icing on the cake with that one.

enjoyed your and Sherry enjoy your day...just the right amount :)

Chatty Crone said...

This is kind of funny - just had gotten married and I had never drank much (still don't). But we went to a party and I had a couple (?) scotch on the rocks. I go so sick that I told myself if I lived that I would never do that again. And I haven't! Can't stand it.



Too much of anything, I suppose.

shirl72 said...

I love peanuts and could just
eat and eat. I do try to stop
before I get to full. Can't
think of anything I don't like.
I'm sure it happen when I was younger but I can't remember.

Paula said...

Humm this is an interesting post. Too many pecans? I wonder. About in the 60's I got sick from a corn dog and to this day I haven't eaten one again. I never liked mayonaise always had to be Miracle Whip until recently John bought the wrong thing. Now I'm hooked on mayonaise and have been eating three pieces of bread with the stuff at night and if I don't quit I'm going to weigh 300#'s

Jackie said...

I ate too many boiled peanuts one time and they made me sick. But, I still love 'em. :)
Hope you are having a great week!

Louis la Vache said...

Great shot of the '50 Chevy Pepsi truck!
Those bottles remind «Louis» of having to sort them in the back room of the grocery store he worked in when he was in high school.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I agree that you can never get enough of good memories, laughter, and hope for sure. Too much rain and chilly weather is not a good thing for me. Too much winter left me craving some warmth and sunshine! We had a couple of days at the beginning of the week, but the rest of the week was a wash out. Your pecan waffles sound wonderful. I've never had them but love pecans. Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!

Rose said...

Some good things, we can never get enough of and some things....too much is not a good idea! We have to find a balance.

Hugs to my favorite couple!

Lucy said...

My good thing is memories, be them bad or good. I am just thankful I can remember memories.