Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I make notes

(Pictures are from our get together with the grandkids and their dads)

Woodshed and family 025

(Sherece & Stella)

I am the world’s worst about making notes. I have at least 20 notes to myself, but I don’t always read them. I was just going through them, and I have three duplicates.

Woodshed and family 016

(Luke & Lauren)

I’ve have notes on fixing the Z-28. Notes on hints for repairing Mark’s truck (they are not good). A small stack on dentists in Ciudad Acuna, Mexico.  Note on tools I need.  Notes on what I need to do before we head for Del Rio.

(Did anyone out there ever listen to XERF Ciudad Acuna, Quailla (?) Mexico? The most powerful station in the southeast).

Woodshed and family 018

(Jack Jr. & his Mama)

(Just thinking, the other powerful station was in Cincinnati,one, Ohio what was the call sign?)

Woodshed and family 020

(Josh & Megan)

Now a new small stack of notes, hints on formatting the book to upload. Bonnie has finished proofing, l now I am having a problem getting it in the right format to upload.

Woodshed and family 028

(Grandpa Mark and Stella)

The back of the book had the wrong synopsis, Bonnie got me for that.  But I just found out that was not my fault. I put the new one in, but it did not go. It made me second guess my self. But Today I changed the picture on the cover and made sure the newest synopsis was in, BUT when I looked at what the printer received, there was the hands on the front and the old synopsis. I know I changed them.

Woodshed and family 034

(Steve & Jennifer)

Now it is another three day delay. ha! (not funny jack).

Woodshed and family 022

(My date & I)

Anyway I am progressing slow, BUT I have the kitchen table covered with notes.

Pictures from last night at the Woodshed.

Thanks for dropping by,

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1903 electric car by Columbia 

1903 Columbus electric car.

Forsyth st Jville FL 1910

Forsyth St. J-ville, Florida



You have a lovely family. ENJOY them all. Hope the book finally comes together for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and that formatting template come to friendly terms at some point. Looking forward to seeing the new picture.

I, too, have lots of notes. I have stacks of them. Many are only little scraps of paper, and many are seemingly important enough that I don't want to discard them. I am learning, though, to put a name with a phone number when I scribble that down....

Love the pics from the Woodshed. Now where have I heard of that restaurant? In a book perhaps?


Jackie said...

Love the family photos; you are a blessed man, Jack.
Hoping that all is straightened out soon with the cover and the synopsis.
All great things take time.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Notes to self are important. I can't do without them. Surely am hoping you get that all worked out and finally get it to do what it should. It's a bit frustrating, but hang in there. Where there is a will there is a way they say!

Chatty Crone said...

My daughter writes notes and then loses them!

What a beautiful beautiful family you have!


Anonymous said...

love to make if I could only find them :D enjoyed the family photos!

Paula said...

Like looking at your pictures of your family. Just here to say "good morning" to you and Sherry while I'm waiting for the time to drive to San Antonio for my doctor appointment with my Hemotologist to see how my blood platelets are holding.

Anonymous said...

I started to collect the notes our son makes, hope to create a great mean to measure time and life.

Thank you for the inspiration.

Please have you all a good Friday ahead.

Annesphamily said...

A lovely phamily and great life you share! My late aunt Mary use to tie a string on her finger to make a nite! I would forget why I tied a string on my finger! HaHaHa!