Sunday, July 11, 2010

Exceptions to the Reception

Josh & Britany arrive at the reception. (This is a big deal, I think I have only been to one other reception in my 71+ years. Not really my thing, but this is their night.
But what is this ? Yep a cake! about fooled you huh? I missed the good pictures of the cake feeding, or what you call it. hahaha This camera isn't good for indoor shots.
The Groom stopped by our table!!!! Hi Josh!!
Stephen (the other twin). This cute lady is Jennefer, they make a good couple.

Laurin (maid of honor), reading her toast to Bride and Groom.

Steve, the Best man, giving his toast to his brother and his new wife. One thing Sherry said Steve said that was very good (I guess Dar will get this). Steve said he had been asked what it is like to be a twin. His response was, 'How does it feel not to be a twin?'. Never thought of that.

Sherece, the prettiest girl in the place and our Grand daughter and Brandon her beau!

Matt, Mark, Luke, Brandon and Sherece. Mark's crew! He is proud of them.

I about missed Brit on this shot, they are heading for the cake cutting, which I missed.

Sherry and the FAther of the Groom, We are very proud of this guy. Looking distinguished in grey hair. (THis is the son of her first marriage (Hahahahahaha)) You know I am not old enough to be his dad.

Jack, Jack, Mark and Shirl.

Vernon & Janet. Vernon is our living family hero on Sherry's side. He jumped out of perfectly good air planes and never got hurt. a Year of so ago he fell out of a tree and was hurt ver badly. He is recovering well, for an old man.

Shirl and Smoky at the Reception.

The grandparents just before their departure. We are the life of the party up until about 7:30-8PM then we must turn into pumpkins.

Britney leading her new husband, and a line around the Ball room. The reception was held at 'The Loft' in Gastonia.
They all had a good time, Receptions are for young folk, they are noisy and besides that they are loud.
Today the couple are in las Vegas. I hope they have a great tiem and a great life.
Nite Shipslog
Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable.


betty said...

again enjoyed all the pictures, Jack! glad that Britany and Josh had a great reception!! looks like it was lots of fun. I'm thinking they will enjoy their time in Las Vegas, always a lot of things to do there for sure

wishing them the best too!!


Lucy said...

That last statement about beauty and old is so true. The young will think they are invincible and will think the road in life is really great, and it is. So many don't have the privilege of growing old. I will take the aches and pains, screwed up heart that doesn't know which way to beat, and still say I may be old but I am alive and still moving. Great pictures, Jack.

shirl72 said...

Love all the pictures what a blast. I thought every thing turned out good. I'm sure it will
take them awhile to come back to earth.
Las Vegas here they come.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks like a grand time was had by all. It is comfortable being old, I do agree with that.

Melanie said...

wooo hooooo looks like fun!!


~mel said...

Beautiful! Jack you clean up nice!!! As does your beautiful bride of all these years! 4 weeks and three days and we'll be having my daughters wedding in our back yard ~ and I'll be one happy Momma when the I do's are said and done and we can get back to normal around here. So... when are you going to be in my neck of the woods??? There's plenty of room in the back yard to squeeze in 2 more for the wedding.

Dar said...

Man, I just lost my entire comment...hate when that happens, anyway, the jest of it all was, You, Sherry and your entire family are gorgeous, I agree with Steve, What IS it like NOT to be a twin?, I agree with Mel, you should come see us and we have lots of space with flush toilets and electricity, and even a log cabin if ya want..( NO electric or flushing there ) but peace and quiet. Come to the wedding and see how the country folk whoop it up. We will be good.
Heck, come Any time. Our doors are always open and the coffeepot is on.


Fred Alton said...

Oh My! What a wonderful looking bunch of folks. Jack, you looked great in the suit. Looks like your grandchildren had a gorgeous and fancy wedding and reception. I know you are proud for them all (children and grands). It's exciting to start out together on a new journey! Does this mean you're ready to come our way now? I'd like very much to schedule you to do a chalk talk at Tellico Plains - this trip if possible?

Debbie said...

Congratulations to the lovely bride & groom! Everyone looks very nice at the wedding and reception. I did notice you got outta that suit before going to the reception. I love Sherry's pink dress and the outfit Shirl was wearing too. Okay..okay..I'll admit it you looked gooooooood in your suit too. HAHAHAHA! I wish the newlyweds many happy years together!

Love ya'll