Sunday, July 18, 2010

Saturday report and Sunday's Story.

Saturday I sat on the porch of Fred’s cabin with a college president. After we talked for awhile as I sat there I was thinking how far my friend Fred had come, from the time we first met. Of course at the time he already had a little college under his belt and was serving in the USCG.

I thought how good to have a friend who had come so far. As I was talking to Gordon on the porch, Fred was inside ‘cooking our dinner’. He cooked venison burgers and tenderloin. The meal was delicious.

Gordon had organized and built a college in Kenya. He has been the college president for ten years and it has now grown to a campus of 17 acres. He had nothing but good to say about Fred’s leadership. I did tell Gordon that I was not used to doing this, and even though I had know a couple college presidents, this was the first time I had sat and talked and been served by the likes of Fred! Then we all sat and visited. I learned a lot.

I continued to think how Fred and I had taken different paths in the last 50 years. From the Coast Guard, after establishing himself as a pastor, he applied for a mission’s assignment. Fred started off in missions as a missionary to Guyana. He departed about a year before the terrible incident concerning Jim Jones. He said he was always amazed at hearing that because even though it was near where he had lived he had never heard of that compound.

Next it was Africa, where he and Frances had found a nitch and continued to advance until at retirement, he was overseeing 4000 churches and over a million people. Of course it was Africa where he became friends with Gordon.

Anyway it was fun and a privilege to spend most of the day with Fred and Gordon.

Today started with hearing Fred teach, he really ‘ain’t too bad’ (LOL) I could even understand some of it.

Then we drove around the Edge of the Cherokee National Forest. I love the scenery.

This was beautiful valley just south of Tellico Plains.

These horses and scenery were beautiful

I love old barns, I always wonder about the stories behind them.

Here is Sherry on a trail in her Sunday Dress, and NO hiking shoes.

This road got narrow and was gravel but straight down on the sides.
Since Fred had taught in Tellico Plains, we choose that time to drive down #68 to see if Jack was on his front porch. I went up, he walked down the path and He said, “Hello jack”, I said, "Hello jack!"
The two Jack Darnell's meeting on the path. Of course He is the REAL Jack Darnell, I have used his name for many years. I sorta feel like it is mine. He said he didn't mind.
WE were stopping just to say hello and he insisted we sit for a spell on the porch. The second time in as many days I sat on a porch with famous men. It was great!

This is Charles Darnell, Jack's younger brother. It was a great visit. You gotta like Charles he has such a winning smile. (But he hung me out to dry with a tale. I bought it line and sinker, then he set the hook.)

Here is 'Smilin' Jack'. IT was great to see him again.

Some of Jack's flowers.
Thanks for visiting,
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You know you are getting old when everything either dries up or leaks.


Lucy said...

Today has been a day of memories for me and I come here and I wonder where you store all of the memories you build over the years. Do you and Sherry really ever thank god or whoever you thank for the wonderful life you have had? I know you do. This was a good entry for me, at least. It gives me hope and strength to deal with tomorrow.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

It looks and sounds like you all had a wonderful day. How could it be otherwise with all those wonderful smiles. Our day here was beautiful but now a storm is moving in. I hear thunder so I'll be getting off the computer for awhile.

shirl72 said...

I bet it was nice to sit and talk with both
men. It sounds odd to hear you say Hello Jack
and he will say Hello Jack. Glad you are enjoying your visits with old friends. The
scenery is beautiful. I read your comment on
ACTS and got a chuckle you going up to the big


Paula said...

Wow with all the influential people you know I'm afraid you would find us quite boring. I'm glad you had a nice visit.

Sheila Y said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Sherry can't turn down a trail, even in her Sunday best...ha. Beautiful area, enjoy the rest of your visit. Sheila

Dar said...

What a fine weekend you had. I can't resist a good trail either, Sherry. Ya gotta wonder what's out there. Glad you got to visit the Real Jack and his brother. They look like trouble with those full-sized mischievous smiles. I love the picture of the three of you.
The scenery has always been a downfall for me. I love it so much that it's sure to 'ditch' me one of these days. I'm always daydreaming while I drive. Darn near hit a tree on my way out the cabin road yesterday, watching the sky, for petesake. Me and old barns have a love affair too. I cannot pass one up without taking its picture.

Fred Alton said...

Jack - the fun and the privilege was all mine - just to be with two of the greatest on a retired military man and a writer...the other a College President. And me from Lacoochee, Florida. Never heard of it? You and about 6.3bil other folks. ☻ I'm privileged to have had the opportunity to serve you. Plus, Jack, your phenomenal help fixing my plumbing leaks at the cabin. THANK YOU so very much!!! I'm in debt to you.

Fred Alton said...

I forgot to say "thank you" for all the nice kudos about my work - both past and present. You are extra-ordinarily good at what you do, also.

Y said...

I'm so glad the two Jacks were able to connect again.