Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This and That & Charles Darnell

Announcement: anyone expecting e-mails from me, for some reason most of my e-mails are being returned as undeliverable. I cannot decipher the messages…Is this happening to anyone else on aol?... End sad announcement…
Now..Today ‘s exciting entry…….
Concerning the Darnell’s of Coker Creek fame.
Charles is more wrinkled than Jack. I mentioned that (you can say that to a man), he said, "Hey Jack! Jack never married ……., but I did.” Things then became more clear!

Then he said he lived about fifteen miles up and back in the mountains. He had gotten a new weed eater and his girl was operating it for the first time. Their cat got in the way and the weed eater cut the tail slap off. (I am leaning forward to hear every word).
She shut he weed eater off, grabbed the cat and the tail and took off in the car, yelled back to him, “ I’m going to Wal-mart.”
You know Walmart is into everything now, but the vet thing was new to me. Tellico is a small town so Walmart is doing a lot of stuff. So when she came back the cat was in good shape, and I mentioned I did not know Walmart was into that kind of thing. Charles paused for a few seconds (I got closer) and he said:
“She said to me, 'that I must have been raised under a rock, WalMart is one of the largest RE-TAILERS in the world'.”
I sat there looking stupid, he ain’t cracked a smile, then it hit me, ‘JACK YOU HAVE BEEN HAD’. That nearly topped Ted’s pony story.

Okay, maybe he got me because I said he was more wrinkled than jack. HA!

Everyone got a BIG laugh at MY expense, but I didn’t mind. It was a great spoof, and I love ‘em.

Sunday taught me something else. I learned that I was not the only one that carried tons of stuff to a presentation, Fred does too. Of course his is computers, projectors, mikes, amps,etc. But it is a load and it takes time to set up and tear down.

It was our pleasure to sit under Fred’s Bible teachings, the guy seems to know what he is talking about!.

Thanks for coming this way.
Nite Shipslog

PS: Reminds me, I need to ask Fred if “Sins of Omission” are sins I was supposed to have committed and didn’t?

Blessing the groceries before you put them up in the pantry. Is that as good as praying over every meal? (Could even skip the sign of the cross)
(Okay don’t throw stuff, I'm just asking!!!!!)


Lucy said...

I really like this entry. It made me laugh. The squirrel got my tomato. Spunky on notice.

shirl72 said...

I can't believe the cat got close to a weed-eater. Glad it was OK. I am now blessing
my groceries. Don't know about the "Sins
of Omission" maybe I will ask Dr. T. if I can
remember. You sure are learning a lot.


Dar said...

Great entry...great Re-Tail story...ROFL...you almost got me.
I used to run the video equipment for presentations when I was going to school for Respiratory Therapy.....I understand the setting up and taking down...time consuming but OK. It was usually the least boring part of the hrs. Now I'd find the presentations of interest, now that I know more and care. I don't remember much about those days except that I got burned out emotionally. Tough job. Sometimes, memory blocks are a good thing.
BlessYourHearts and StaySafe

Paula said...

I was about to believe there was a vet at Wal*Mart. Well you know those Super ones have lots of things.

Fred Alton said...

Both my sides are sore from all the laughing we've done the last few days. It has been absolutely wonderful having you two here for a few days. I have my suitcase out on the floor here near me - packing for the G.A. - to leave on Friday morning. I pray your journeys are all safe ones and that you come back this way soon. I do want to THANK YOU again for your expertise and hard work with the plumbing at Pumzika Acres. God Bless you both with many favors along your route.

Y said...

Great story!